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Reflection and growth on Dance Journey

Posted Novembro 2nd, 2010
By Judit Eliosoff Ferrero, Argentina, Dance Journey
In all honesty, its very difficult to write about something so relevant that modified the lives of each one of us that who became involved with it.
My name is Judit, and I’m 23 years old and arrived to Israel from Argentina.  At the very beginning of the program, no participant actually knows what will be happening.  You know that you will dance the entirety of every day. People, languages, a beautiful place, massive studios… The body hurts, the mind is confused and the soul feels full, happy.
Slowly things start to become homey, because your true house is far away. Suddenly your neighbor and fellow participants becomes your sisters, and the teacher reminds you of an aunt. The kibbutz’s cafe is your meeting place and the forest becomes a place to relax.
The night. Friday night (Shabbat) dinner. And around you everything is dance, dance, dance.   Surprises arrive all time and make the journey more interesting. Trips and performances, new classes or opportunities to push yourself higher. Experienced teaching and professional dancers are a few of the things that make this a professional place to study.
Life during this 5-month period moves by so quickly that being thankful for it should be said every morning.  And when its all done, you discover that it was so intense and has most definitely left a strong mark on yourself. Between each step, people that you never imaged knowing abated your tears and shared your happiness. Progress and growth are noticed, body changes…
Israel is around you and shows its face daily, with a lot of amazing people who help show you the way, or the difficulties to live in the incomprehensible conflict. Beautiful places stay in the eyes, and tradition knocks the door of the room from time to time.
Decision. The best decision that I could ever have done. A trip to the inside. A trip to discover your body. A trip to push your limits… and the best thing? Being in the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company´s home.
Together… always it will be like this.


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