First impressions of Tel Aviv restaurants: King George Street

By Lauren Goldstein, Career Israel, Washington DC
I moved to Tel Aviv, Israel a month ago from the suburbs of Washington, DC to work with I decided to work with the organization after reading the founders bios on the website. We seemed to be kindred spirits in our love of food and finding new and unique places to eat. After hearing about the success of the Taste TLV events I became even more excited to work for them. Though really it all comes down to my love of food and exploring new cities. Upon my arrival to Israel, I was of course filled with a craving for hummus, shwarma, and shakshuka. But Tel Aviv is a diverse city and I was excited to try still undiscovered cuisines that I knew were waiting for me. I was overjoyed to discover that I could find an array of restaurants just going up and down my street.
For example, during my first month here I was enrolled in an ulpan class on King George Street. During our morning break, the other students and I would flock to the juice stand located on the same block as my ulpan class. Fresh squeezed juice is simple, but unbeatable on Israeli on sticky summer days. Our “juice guy”, as I like to call him, is right on King George Street between Bograshov Street and Meir Park.
You will know the stand by the blasting reggae music that drifts onto the sidewalk and the juice guy’s prominent dreadlocks. There are an infinite number of juices to mix, but my personal favorite combination is ginger-pomegranate. It is spicy and tart and will get rid of any hint of a cold brought on by too many late nights in this city that is awake around the clock.

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