Year Course: Ten Days In

Alas, the official Year Course experience has begun. With the beginning of this week, the chanichim (participants) got our first taste of the sweet milk and honey-based academics we will become so accustomed to in the year that ensues. Israel is feeling more like home and I am feeling less like a tourist, as I’m sure many of my fellow chanichim would agree.
I have discovered the incredible volunteer opportunity I will be partaking in as a student helper at Eshkolot, a high school for students who have dropped out or had difficulties learning in a regular school environment. I am especially excited about landing this volunteer placement because I can totally relate to the adolescent and trivial challenges associated with high school.
I too felt excluded and different most times, I too did not feel as though I fit in, and I too found the “normal” high school learning process a bit too left-brained and rigid to accommodate my creative mind. As a chanich well on my way to college and the real world, I can’t wait to help push fellow teens like me in the right direction using the formula needed to nourish their minds and thinking process.

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