Sara Helps Save a Child’s Heart

Julho 20, 2011

Three years ago, Sara Isman visited the Save A Child’s Heart house in Israel…this year she returned as a volunteer to work with the organisation.
In 2008, Isman visited the home in Holon as part of the March of the Living program. The SACH house is a houses children and their mothers or guardians from all over the world…children visiting Israel to receive heart surgery unavailable at home and performed on them voluntarily by Israeli surgeons.
Isman was so impressed that on her return to Melbourne in 2008, she organised fund-raising for the project from her own school, Yavneh College together with The King David School and Mount Scopus College. This year, the 19-yr-old from Caulfield North, returned to Israel in her gap year participating in the  Zionist Federation of Australia’s Masa program. The prgram finished a few weeks ago and Sara Isman  moved into the SACH House to volunteer for three weeks.

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