BBYO starting new gap year program in Israel

Outubro 18, 2012

(JTA) -- BBYO is launching a new pre-college gap year program in Israel.
The Beyond program, part of BBYO Passport, is in conjunction with Authentic Israel, which runs Birthright Israel programs; Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life; Masa Israel Journey; and Tel Aviv University. It offers an academic experience combined with service opportunities, leadership programming and travel.
Registration for the 2013-14 program opens Aug. 22.
Beyond participants can join a five- or nine-month experience, both of which are eligible for an automatic Masa scholarship of $1,000, with up to $3,000 more being available based on financial need. 
Tel Aviv University serves as the program’s home base, and participants have additional opportunities to travel in Europe, perform community service in Africa, and learn scuba diving and cooking.  

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