Ma’ase Olam Announces New Israel Program

Maio 23, 2012

Israel Service Fellows is a 10 month volunteer program in Akko for outstanding college graduates.
Ma’ase Olam, a leading volunteer organization in Israel that spearheads volunteering frameworks for young people in Israel in an equal, professional manner, is thrilled to announce the launch of the new and innovative Israel Service Fellows program in partnership with Masa Israel Journey and the Rashi Foundation.
The 10-month long program costs only $1,000 for applicants eligible for a Masa Israel Journey grant, airfare and housing included. Fellows will also receive a stipend of roughly $360 (1300NIS) a month during the program.
The program, now accepting applicants for the fall of 2012, provides an opportunity for outstanding college graduates to work on informal education, community development and empowerment projects while living and working together in Akko, a vibrant and beautiful city located just north of Haifa. Aside from a service placement, Fellows will receive ongoing professional support, intensive Hebrew training, and trips throughout Israel.
Ma’ase Olam North American Manager, Eric Eingold, described the organization’s excitement and commitment to the program, saying “Ma’ase is fully committed to building as inclusive and equitable an Israel as possible. This exciting program will allow participants to work as mentors and educators to teenagers in Israel. The program’s location in Akko will also provide an opportunity for our Fellows to work in cross-cultural youth centers that run programming for youth from Israel’s Druze community.
Eingold continued, “Additionally, the Israel Service Fellows program is designed to provide a truly immersive experience in Israel. Importantly, all of our Fellows will be partnered with a group of Israeli peers, and both groups will undergo joint programming and carry out service work together.  It is our expectation that this will set the stage for a meaningful and deep cultural exchange.”
Ma’ase Olam is looking for exceptional candidates to join the growing movement of young adults choosing to make a difference in Israel with Israel Service Fellows. 
Since it’s founding in 2004, Ma’ase has grown to the point where the organization is supervising the volunteer work of over 700 young volunteers from all over Israel. Ma'ase provides content, training and placement services for approximately 1000 additional volunteers from social organizations.  
Recently, Ma'ase was named the winner of the prestigious Speaker of the Knesset Quality of Life Award in 2010 for its work to promote tolerance and narrow social gaps in Israeli society. The Award was given to Ma'ase in an official ceremony that will be held in the Knesset.
For more information, please email, or a call at (212) 339-6075.