Jerusalem Post: ‘Clean the Land Day’ to occur across Israel

Maio 18, 2012

Foursome decides to call upon all Israelis, Masa fellows and alumni in particular, “to take to the streets, beaches and parks.”

by Sharon Udasin

To Daniel Barnett, the rampant presence of smoldering cigarette butts on Israel’s street and beach-sides is an instant reminder of the ruin Israel’s residents are causing on a daily basis to the country’s flora and fauna.

“The one that really gets me personally is cigarette butts,” Barnett told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday. “They are really destructive in nature. They get into the [Mediterranean] and fish eat them. But at the same time, going on a trail in the Judean Desert and seeing a Bamba bag and broken glass bottles is equally frustrating.”

In response, together with some of his close friends all in the country on Masa Israel Government Fellowships, Barnett has launched Israel’s first annual “Clean the Land Day,” which will occur throughout the day on Friday, in spots all over the country. Barnett, a 26-year-old from Johannesburg, is joined by Max Friedenberg, 23 from Illinois; Sam Silverlieb, 26 from New Jersey; and Joel Wanger, 24 from Maryland.

The foursome decided to call upon all Israelis, but Masa fellows and alumni in particular, “to take to the streets, beaches and parks” on Friday “any time of the day, with your community, wherever you choose,” according to the project.

Read more in the Jerusalem Post.



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