Makor Jerusalem teams up with “Shin-Shinim” for weekly Social Action

Maio 17, 2012

Makor Jerusalem is proud to announce that participants will be doing their full day of weekly volunteering on Thursdays in Beit Shemesh, together with a group of highly motivated Israeli “Shin-Shinim.”
Who are the “Shin-Shinim”?
Many young Israelis also take a gap year – between high school and their army service. One such Israeli gap year option is the “Shin-Shinim” program. “Shin-Shin” (twice the letter “shin”) is an acronym for “Shnat Sherut” – “Year of Community Service,” and the “Shin Shinim” are the dedicated young Israelis who devote a full year of their lives to doing volunteer community service throughout Israel before they enlist in the IDF.
Makor will connect students through weekly social action mifgashim with these young Israelis, serving one of Makor’s goals to have students blend into the world of Israel from an insider’s perspective – to feel Israeli for the year.