Times of Israel: Israeli intern program helps North American college grads get a leg up

Abril 27, 2012

Masa Israel expects over 1,000 college graduates from North America to join a unique internship program in Israel, providing the students with crucial experience — and a closer relationship with Israel.
College seniors in the US who are looking forward to their first post-college jobs really don’t have much to look forward to these days. Conservative estimates say that as many as a third of recent college grads can’t get a job – any job, not just one in their field — and those that do find work find that they are being paid less than they would have been just a few years ago.

As competition for jobs heats up, getting that initial experience working in their chosen career is much harder for most graduates. Without experience, it’s unlikely an employer will hire them in this economy, unless they’re really lucky (or have connections); and without an entry-level job, they can’t get experience. A traditional alternative to an entry-level job has been to work as an intern for a large company, sometimes for nothing more than expense money. But even this avenue has become much harder to navigate, as students and graduates apply for internships in droves.