Yeshivat Ohr David

Program Description

For the last 28 years Yeshivat Ohr David has provided young men an intensive Torah learning experience while offering the freedom to discover their own unique place in society. The mission of Yeshivat Ohr David is not only to provide an environment to learn about Jewish heritage, but also to instill the key ingredients that enables the Talmid to realize his true potential in life.
The Ohr David experience is a journey of personal and spiritual growth under the guidance of an incredibly caring and nurturing team of Rebbeim. One of the first Yeshivot to cater to the needs of the post high school boy, the Yeshiva continues to produce individuals committed to continued personal development, to the Jewish community and to the land of Israel.
The yeshiva is currently located on a beautiful campus in the Ramot section of Jerusalem.



All eligible Masa Israel participants can receive financial assistance toward the cost of their program.
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