Yeshivat Ma'alot

Program Description

Yeshivat Ma’alot is located in the town of Ma’alot, in the hills of the Galilee. The Yeshiva is home to over 200 Hesder students who combine Torah learning and army service. Students learn GemaraTanach, Emunah, Hashkafa and Halacha.
The Overseas Program at Yeshivat Ma’alot offers a unique opportunity to be fully integrated in the Yeshiva’s Israeli track while still receiving the personal attention and warmth that overseas students deserve. The devoted staff is at the students’ side throughout the day, both during shiurim and chevrutot, to maximize their learning experience. The overseas students form lifelong friendships with the Israeli students. In addition to a full learning schedule, the students both enjoy a variety of tiyulim and take part in different community outreach and chesed programs.

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