Yeshivat Hesder Petach-Tikva

Program Description

The Overseas Program of Yeshivat Hesder Petach Tikva is for students who want to study Torah in-depth and to experience Torat Eretz Yisrael first-hand. Guided by a dedicated staff of educators and Talmidei Chachamim our students will be motivated to embark on a life of Torat Chaim —a life in which their commitment to Torah and Mitzvot and their recognition of the centrality of Medinat Yisrael, motivates them daily and influences and enhances their secular and day-to-day life both on an individual level and on a social level. 
Our mission is to fashion social and communal leaders who are intrinsically connected to their community, and to raise scholars who have a deep sense of responsibility and duty toward Am Yisrael both in Eretz Yisrael and in the Diaspora, and who recognize the centrality of our land and its inextricable connection to our people. Integrated with the Israeli Hesder program of Yeshivat Hesder Petach Tikva, our students will experience Tzioni Dati life first hand, learn Ivrit by immersion, and build life-long connections with their Israeli peers and Rebbeim.




All eligible Masa Israel participants can receive financial assistance toward the cost of their program.
These grants and scholarships can significantly reduce the cost of participating in a Masa Israel program. Prices listed here represent the full, unsubsidized program cost.