Yeshivat Dvar Yerushalayim

Program Description

We are a social academy for Jewish studies in a prime location in Jerusalem (Har Nof), considered to be one of the most spectacular  views in Jerusalem. We are an international institute hosting students from all around the world, with a variety of spiritual orientation and believe systems. We provide high level Ulpan program with professional teachers to demonstrate all aspects of the Hebrew Language. Additionally, we have a wide varity of lessons on fascinating subjects including: Jewish History, and the heritage of the Jewish nation, Jewish philosophy and overview of the ancient scripts.
Discover the real growing potential within yourself, and enhance your amazing abilities. Comfortable campus accommodations and board is included onsite.  



All eligible Masa Israel participants can receive financial assistance toward the cost of their program.
These grants and scholarships can significantly reduce the cost of participating in a Masa Israel program. Prices listed here represent the full, unsubsidized program cost.