Vertigo Dance Company

Program Description

The Vertigo International Dance Program is a five month dance apprenticeship offering you hands on experience of the unique Vertigo dance language and the uplifting and empowering daily routine in Jerusalem and at the Vertigo Eco-Art Village. This inspiring opportunity provides you with the time and space for personal and professional growth. 
Our vision is to provide a nurturing environment for aspiring talented young dancers with complementary extensive practical experience, a viable platform to fulfill personal and professional potential. Graduates of the Vertigo International Dance Program are encouraged to further pursue their career performing with the Vertigo Dance Company as well as with other dance companies, participating in dance projects in Israel and abroad.


The Vertigo International Dance Program offers a selection of classes and workshops to hone your professional skills and expand your dance expertise including: VDC Repertoire; Classical Ballet; Contemporary Dance; Pilates; Improvisation; Contact Improvisation; Release movement awareness techniques; and Feldenkrais techniques. Practical training continues on stage with performance productions and a variety of challenging and exciting projects. Complemented with a comprehensive introduction to Israeli culture including: Hebrew lessons; Israel studies; and cultural-educational excursions. 
If you are a professional dancer between the ages of 18 and 30 with at least four years of prior dance education, ou are welcome to apply for the Vertigo International Dance Program and audition either in person or by video.

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