Program Description

"give yourself the opportunity of personal growth in a significant frame work, and leave your footprint on our homeland."


 The new Tzameret Gap Year program is a unique 10-month service learning experience in the beautiful desert city of Arad for post- high school students. With Tzameret, you live, work and study side-by-side with Israeli peers to make social change within Israel.


Volunteer: Take action through community service and develop skills as you explore your interests. Help with the absorption of new immigrants from Ethiopia; teach high-risk students at the local high school; guide youth at the local community centers and lead various community projects.


Learn: Once a week we stop working and look inwards. Come learn with us about our Jewish heritage, ask questions about the Jewish identity and find answers for what it means to you.


Experience: Feel the vibrant culture, visit spectacular sites, explore nature, and participate in Israeli life through holiday celebrations, arts and music, and trips to all five regions of Israel.


Connect: Live, work and study in the same community and gain a real world connection to Israeli society and its people.





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All eligible Masa Israel participants can receive financial assistance toward the cost of their program.
These grants and scholarships can significantly reduce the cost of participating in a Masa Israel program. Prices listed here represent the full, unsubsidized program cost.