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Tlalim Red See skipers

Program Description

10 month program for young people in ages 21-30, the program is held in Eilat and the Red Sea.

The main goal of the program is to train each participant to be a licensed Skipper,by means of :Theory , practical study and professional expertise in sailing. Each participant will receive a skipper licenses for local and international cruise also boat and jet ski licenses for commercial use (Accordance with the restrictions of the licenses).

All licenses given on behalf of the adminisration of shipping and ports.


The program will take place in the clear waters and coral-Saturated of the Red Sea.
Each participant will learn to sail a boat and jet ski with a commercial license .
All participants in the program will participate in international cruise of 8 days. 
The Mentor and professional in charge will be ziki shaked- Besides being the only Israeli captain who led a journey around the world, he is a fascinating character and an excellent sailor.