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Tochnit Shalem is a multi-faceted shana ba’aretz program for Torah-observant young adults. Its aim is to foster spiritual growth and character development by providing the tools necessary to bolster one's religious identity in the ever-changing world. As they make Israel their home, Shalem students benefit from Torah study in combination with the values of ahavat Yisrael and gemilut chasadim.  Eretz Yisrael holds profound meaning to the Jewish people; hence participants contribute to Israel by volunteering within the community, which in turn nurtures a strong bond to the land of Israel. Shalem demonstrates that it is possible to fuse the desire for a purely observant lifestyle with a modern existence. By learning intensely and living fervently in the Jewish state, students emerge as integral parts of Medinat Yisrael and Klal Yisrael.
Tochnit Shalem is a parallel program of Young Judaea's Year Course track. Young Judaea Year Course.  Applications should be sent directly to Shalem.

Core contents of the program:

Shalem offers two semesters of living, learning and volunteering at Kibbutz Yavne. During the first and final three months of the program, participants devote a two days a week to studying Hebrew in ulpan and learning in the Beit Midrash. The students learn Tanach, Talmud, halacha, Jewish philosophy and ethics, in ways that open their minds and lead them to sustain a modern religious way of life. Other elective courses include Holocaust, Zionism, and Modern Orthodoxy.
Twice a week, students volunteer on or near the kibbutz in one of the many different options available. Additionally, one day a week, the students embark on weekly field trips (siyurim) all around the country. Once every 2-3 weeks they enjoy a spiritually uplifting Shabbat B'Yachad as a group alternating between Shabbatot on the kibbutz and at locations throughout the country. The Shabbatot nurture group solidarity and spark spiritual growth and personal reflection. Guest lecturers share pearls of wisdom and heartfelt stories at various points throughout the semesters. Shalem chanichim also have the option of joining the Marva army program for the final semester. The semester begins with participants volunteering on an army base, followed by the an 8 week “taste” of the army where students experience basic training, including learning to shoot a rifle, travelling to different bases throughout the country and taking part in graduation ceremonies or “tekesim” at different stages in the program. During the middle three months, the chanichim move to Jerusalem, where the students will receive an authentic Jerusalem experience. Participants live in fully furnished apartments and learn to shop, cook and balance a monthly budget while living amongst Israelis.
Aside from getting to experience Israel “from the inside,” students learn “practical living” in preparation for college and beyond. Jerusalem offers unique community service opportunities, and students also learn to love the world’s spiritual capital through weekly siyurim throughout the city. Shalem gives the students a chance to partake in their heritage, be confident in who they are, feel a sense of belonging to Am Yisrael, and give back to their communities as models of observant spiritual Jews with proper midot


Up to 30 college credits, international participants, leadership skills, modern academic facility and dormitory/apartments in Jerusalem.
New Program Extensions – Olami and Kuma! Olami brings you face to face with the people, politics, history and culture of countries such as France, the Czech Republic, Morocco and Ethiopia. At the end of each trip, Olami participants will return to Israel – with a new perspective on each country, on Zionism and its connection to the Jewish state. The Kuma Journey to Poland is an educational experience examining the Holocaust through a Zionist prism. Participation on Olami and/or Kuma requires an additional payment.

For more information, contact:

Rabbi Gavriel Lakser 
(p) 972-52-603-9171, 1-855-436-2105  

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