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Expose yourself to music and musical ideas that only can be found only in Israel. Open your mind and expand your musical horizon through a new culture. The Rimon Music Experience offers you the opportunity to combine music studies with a long-term Israel experience. The Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, with 600 students and 90 faculty, is Israel's largest independent professional contemporary music school.
Located in Ramat Hasharon (a suburb of Tel Aviv), Rimon offers seven majors: Composition and Arranging, Film Scoring, Song Writing, Jazz Performance, General Performance, Music Production and Engineering, and a combined program of Composition, Performance and Music Production. A special articulation agreement with Berklee College of Music in Boston enables Rimon students to continue learning and complete their degree at Berklee within two years. Deserving students receive generous scholarships towards their studies.
The program cost covers housing in the center of Tel Aviv for the first two months (September-October 2013), to allow an easy and welcoming beginning. in order to allow individual preference of housing for the remainder of  the program, participants will have the choice to either extend their stay at the housing provided by the program (at an extra cost) or find their own independent housing. Public transport in the Tel Aviv area is also covered by the cost of the program, which will allow participants to easily commute from school to home.

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