Kol Ami

Program Description

Kol Ami is a leadership 6 months program for Jewish youth - Israelis and Jews from around the world. Its main goal is to form a deep and significant connection between Jewish teenagers from around the world (ages 18-23) and to inspire them into taking responsibility and becoming the future leaders in their communities. The participants are young Jews from Israel and around the world – native Israelis, new olim, tourists, men, women, religious, and secular.
In the first 3 months, the spoken language is English and the curriculom is mainly about Jewish leadership, Israel advocacy and Zionism. After 3 months the spoken language changes to Hebrew and there is more of a focus on army preparation and Israeli society. Throughout the program the participants will undergo a process of self development and group dynamics, accompanied by an educational staff that is there for them 24/7.


Developing leadership abilities and the will to lead and serve as a personal example. The students will discipline themselves Kol Ami – among other things – by running committees and working on individual and group projects.
General Studies and Jewish texts
Learning various subjects to enrich the participants' worlds: studies of Jewish texts, Zionism, Leadership and advocacy for Israel. The Participants will develop a personal identity rooted in the philosophies of some of the greatest Israeli and world leaders. the students will become leaders with vision and purpose, possessing the resolve and ability to effect real changes within themselves and within society at large.
Acting as part of the Israeli society by intervening and taking responsibility. Building projects that are meant to help those in need and to improve the society. Solidifying with different parts of the Israeli society.
Love the land of Israel
getting to know Israel geographically and socially – becoming familiar with all sectors of the population. Engendering the understanding that the pioneer spirit is still very much alive in contemporary Israel.
Physical fitness
developing physical fitness and mental stability. Learning about the IDF and its great part in forming the Israeli society and keeping its borders. Learning navigation skills and practices designd especially for those entering the IDF. Self empowerment through coping with physically difficult situations.

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