JTS Rabbinal School Year in Israel - August 2014

Program Description

A new format for our rabbinical and cantorial students in Israel will use a trimester system to provide three discrete types of study:
1) Land and Language Immersion Lab in Merkaz Tzippori, Jerusalem Forest.
2) Beit Midrash learning in the Schocken Institute, our campus in central Jerusalem.
3) University study for our rabbinical students.
Cantorial students will choose between participating in our Kesher Hadash program for Israel education and joining the rabbinical students for Judaica classes at the Schechter Institute. All of our students will participate in a year long experiential program and be assigned to an internship with a Masorti congregation. The first stage will include an intensive Hebrew ulpan (with an optional JTS Jumpstart Israel summer component). Evening Hebrew language courses will continue into the second trimester; the third trimester will involve Hebrew as language of learning and instruction. In this way the students will be immersed in Hebrew culture and Israeli community for the entire year,and will also experience three discrete models of learning to ensure a rich and fulfilling experience in Israel.

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