IDC - GMBA in Strategy & Business Development-Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Program Description

The IDC Arison School of Business, in partnership with the Sammy Ofer School of Communications’ Media Innovation Lab (miLAB), offers a pioneering Global MBA program in Innovation & Entrepreneurship that effectively addresses the rapid changes taking place in today’s industry. The interaction between people and digital devices is ubiquitous. In its emphasis on the human dynamic and its grasp of a world dominated by technology, the Innovation & Entrepreneurship track bridges the humanistic and the technological arenas, and helps students take their first steps in establishing new ventures. Students in this track will practice innovation and entrepreneurship first hand as they design and prototype new digital products and learn how to bring them to market.
The GMBA Innovation & Entrepreneurship track is highly interdisciplinary. Students work in teams reflecting their diverse skill sets and experiences in technology, design, media, psychology, business and science, and enabling them to deal with complex challenges from different angles - humanistic, technological and business related.

*Please note that receiving a Masa scholarship does not imply automatic acceptance to IDC.  The IDC application is a separate process and acceptance is dependent on meeting academic criteria.  

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Israel & Abroad

Lea Kawon

OBD Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator




All eligible Masa Israel participants can receive financial assistance toward the cost of their program.
These grants and scholarships can significantly reduce the cost of participating in a Masa Israel program. Prices listed here represent the full, unsubsidized program cost.