Haifa University - MA in Art Therapy

Program Description

Art therapy is a dynamic field of mental health that makes use of a variety of art mediums. The expressive process and its end are used to communicate issues that may otherwise be beyond the immediate grasp of language, and so has been utilised as a key component of practice with clients who may have difficulties expressing themselves verbally. The University of Haifa’s Art Therapy Master's program is a unique full time, two-year program and is designed to prepare and equip professionals to practice in this new and growing field of effective therapy. It utilizes the principles and practices of both the visual arts and psychology to form an effective interdisciplinary therapeutic approach.
Upon successful completion of all academic requirements and field-training hours students will be awarded a Master of Arts in Creative Arts Therapies with a specialization in Art Therapy.
Price: $14730 (Tuition and Service Fees $9,780 & Accommodation $450  per month)



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