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How to become a Masa Israel program

Masa Israel programs are as diverse as Israel itself, and the list of varied opportunities grows each year. In order for programs to become Masa Israel-accredited programs, organizers must go through an approval process verifying that the proposed program meets Masa Israel's educational and administrative requirements.

The Masa Israel DNA

All Masa Israel programs must include certain elements in order to be recognized, including (but not limited to):
  • Some study of Jewish topics, such as Shabbat and Holidays
  • Zionism and the history of the State of Israel
  • Hebrew language instruction
  • Exposure to Israeli culture and art
  • Volunteering in communities within Israel
  • Encounters with Israeli peers
  • Geography of Israel through trips around the country

How to Receive Masa Israel Accreditation:

  • Ensure the program meets the minimum educational requirements (as detailed in the formal "Masa bylaws" document)
  • Submit a Request for Recognition to Masa Israel, describing the structure and components of the program
  • Include the following information:
    • Name of the organization/institution to run the program, year it was founded, and focus/specializations of the organization
    • Name and duration of the proposed program, language of instruction, age and country/countries of origin of participants
    • Program outline/curriculum/syllabus/goals
    • Program price and whether it includes food/lodging
    • Business/organizational license, Certificate of Appropriate Management, and tax and bookkeeping documents
  • The program will be evaluated by Masa Israel, and revisions may be requested
  • Once approved, sign a contract with Masa Israel and submit necessary appendices
  • Cooperate with Masa Israel in transferring financial assistance to the program and program participants
  • Submit periodic reports to Masa Israel
This process is simplified for clarity, may require additional steps not mentioned above, and is subject to change. For more information on submitting programs for accreditation by Masa Israel, contact our help desk at