Discovering Internships in the "Start-Up Nation"

May 26, 2011

Launched in 2006,, a Tel Aviv-based startup that seeks to simplify Internet navigation, only recently began accepting Masa Israel interns, and co-founder Shachar Pessis regrets waiting so long.
“It’s very inspiring to work with non-Israelis because they provide different global perspectives,” says Pessis. “Also, interns are especially valuable for startups because they offer the startup the opportunity of increasing their work force at no additional cost.”
This past year, All My Faves accepted two interns—recent college graduates from India and Argentina—who have helped the company break into international markets by providing their local insights.  Though the startup did not initially plan on pursuing an Argentinean following, the Argentinean intern made this a possibility.
Aside from the benefits that All My Faves has reaped from the interns, Pessis believes that internships at Israeli startups provide the best professional experience for recent college graduates.  “At startups, interns can experience what it means to create something from nothing—and all the challenges and accomplishments that go along with that,” says Pessis. “This definitely beats having a very small role in a large and established company.”
Next year, Pessis is looking forward to accepting another two interns, who he will train and then empower to leave their mark in Israel.  “They help us make better business decisions and it’s inspiring for us to help Jewish young adults get significant career experience here in the ‘start-up nation,’” says Pessis.