1. September 5, 2006
    North America counts for 60% of the long-term program participants in any given year. Therefore it was only natural that Masa would have a North American presence.
  2. May 21, 2006
    "I grew up as a proud Russian in Moscow, entrenched in Russian culture. When I was fifteen, my parents told me that they were sending me to a Jewish Agency summer camp. Only then did I learn that I was Jewish. I was devastated. But I went to the camp and it changed my life."
  3. February 23, 2006
    After high school graduation last year, as his friends went off to college, Ari Feinstein headed to Israel. 
  4. August 24, 2005
    TEL AVIV (JTA) — Ben Russell helped deliver two babies, taught English to Druse children, worked with Ethiopian immigrants, led coexistence workshops with Arab students and met Prime Minister Ariel Sharon during his “year off” in Israel before college.
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