1. November 28, 2016
    By Chandrea Serebro   Masa, the public-service organisation founded by the Prime Minister’s Office of the Government of Israel together with The Jewish Agency, has a myriad of projects offering South Africans the opportunity to spend some time in Israel. Gap year programmes, study abroad programmes, yeshiva programmes. But Masa also provides the opportunity for a stint at major high tech companies and exciting start-ups, doing real and amazing work. The Israel internship programme (which in SA falls under the Israel Centre’s JHB umbrella) gives budding professionals “hands-on opportunities” to work with some of the world’s most cutting-edge companies across Israel. It’s a chance “to spend a meaningful time in Israel”, not as a tourist or a kibbutznik, not as an out-of-pocket traveller trying to fund the next excursion, but rather to experience Israel like a real Israeli, as a professional, going to work each day, experiencing the after work leisure-time activities Israel has to offer, meeting friends, going out to eat, before doing it all again the next day – repeat. Might sound dreary, and like real-life has come knocking a little too soon, but when you think about the potential for that everyday grindstone to involve working as a newly qualified-but-green go-getter in the start-up nation of the world for an international high tech company or an on the pulse financial trading floor, I bet that endlessly repetitive groundhog day is looking up.  
  2. November 25, 2016
    By Jon Sender, Case Western Reserve University   There are nights when I like to walk from my dorm to the art museum and stand in contemplation on the promenade. That’s been my reflection spot for several years, and each time I return, I consider how much I’ve changed since the last.
  3. November 16, 2016
    By Tamara Zieve   Masa Israel Journey strive to make country a landmark on path to success for American students
  4. November 21, 2016
    Data Shows Steady Increase in Student Travel to Israel Over Past Two Years