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Meet Masa Israel

Eva Benkin
French Speaking Desk Rep (Jerusalem)
Hava Atias
Director of Scholarship Department (Jerusalem)
Hayley Geller
Project Manager (New York City)
Idan Sestieri
Marketing & Sales Israel and Europe Chief of Security
Ilanit Shayovitz
French Speaking Desk Rep (Jerusalem)
Jessica Schapiro
Director of Partnerships (North America)
Jodi Taube
English Speaking Desk Rep (Jerusalem)
Lian Gezels
Office Manager (Jerusalem)
Moran Biassira
External Relations Manager (Jerusalem)
Noam Shabo
Information Systems Administrator (Jerusalem)
Nurit Even Tov
Director of Projects and Budgets (Jerusalem)
Palina Lumburt
Russian Speaking Desk Rep (Jerusalem)
Philippa Greenwald-Warburg
Marketing & Sales Operations Coordinator (Jerusalem)
Rachel Moses
Director of Recruitment (New York City)
Reuven Greenberg
Russian Program Coordinator (Jerusalem)
Rick Rosenbluth
MITF Recruitment Coordinator (New York City)
Jewish Agency for Israel