Masa Israel Grant,Scholarship and Travel Voucher Eligibility

Universal Grants

To be eligible for a universal grant through Masa Israel Journey, you must:
  • Be Jewish
  • Be a graduate of a secondary school and/or between the ages of 18 and 30
  • Not have Israeli citizenship OR if you do, you must have left Israel before the age of 14 and have lived outside of Israel for at least four consecutive years prior to receiving your grant
  • Have not been on an organized program (including an academic program) of more than four months in Israel since September 2004
  • Have not spent 4 consecutive months or longer in Israel within the 24 month period prior to the start of your chosen Masa program after the age of 18.

Need-Based Scholarships

Participants on Masa Israel-recognized programs of any length who fit the eligibility requirements listed above can apply for additional need-based financial aid depending on their country of origin and income.
If a program is shorter than ten months, the need-based scholarship will be proportional to the length of the program.

Travel Vouchers

As of the 2015-2016 academic year, Masa Israel participants under the age of 21 participating in a gap year program will receive a $500 travel voucher toward their flight to Israel in lieu of the Masa Israel grant. This change will not affect participants from the Former Soviet Union, Argentina, Venezuela, participants of academic/study abroad programs, participants in Aliyah preparatory programs, or participants who are eligible for the needs-based scholarship. Participants may apply for the travel voucher and the needs-based scholarship at the same time, but must wait for approval from Masa Israel for the needs-based scholarship before using the travel voucher. By using the travel voucher you are forfeiting your eligibility for the needs-based scholarship. Learn more about our travel voucher policy.