Gabriel Seed

While the whole year has been one amazing experience, one of the most unique moments that I will hold onto was spending Yom Kippur in Jerusalem. Although the services I attended were very moving, it was nothing compared to walking down Emek Refaim and Keren Hayesod streets, packed with pedestrians and bicyclists (and no cars) as even the traffic signals were shut off.  There is nothing more special than realizing that the entire city is observing the holiday along with you.
I feel that I have become more independent and prepared for life on a college campus next year through my studies, work, and all of the other experiences I have had this year. Being on Nativ and in Israel has exposed me to many different people and places, sights and sounds.  I will never look at many things the same way I did before this year as a result of the important life lessons I have learned.