Ynet: American Jews teach Israeli kids English

Mars 6, 2012

Young adults from US Jewish communities teach their mother tongue in Israeli schools while learning about State of Israel, strengthening bond between world Jews.
Petah Tikva's Yad Lebanim elementary school acts under the banner of excellence and courtesy and emphasizes these issues among its students. In addition, the school has chosen to break the language barrier by having native English speakers teach its students English.
These studies were made possible thanks to the Masa project, which brings young Americans to Israel to voluntarily teach English in schools across the country.
Some 70 young Americans have arrived in Israel for this purpose and will stay in the country for a year.
Masa is a joint project of the government and the Jewish Agency together with the Education Ministry.
According to Jewish Agency Deputy Chairman Rani Trainin, the Masa project brings thousands of young adults from Jewish communities to Israel for a period of voluntary work.
"Many Masa participants make a significant contribution to education in Israel by teaching English and other subjects, thereby helping increase the level of education in the country while strengthening the interrelation between Israeli youth and Diaspora youth and the partnership between the State of Israel and the world's Jewry."