I found my heart in Israel: Healey Heissler

What Masa Israel program did you meet on?
I was completing my masters at IDC Herzliya and just starting Career Israel when we met. Since IDC had a summer semester, there was a month when the programs overlapped and I was on both programs.
How long have you been together?
We have been together a year and 3 months and we currently live together in Tel Aviv.
How did you meet?
We had a friend in common. He was friends with a girl on Career Israel and I met her while on the program. Before the program started we became friends and started dating soon after.
What was your most memorable Israel moment/experience together?
We took a day trip together to Zichron Yaakov. Although the day was nice walking around the beautiful city and having lunch there, the most memorable moment that most sticks out in my head was on the way back when we stopped off at the beach for 20 minutes. We saw a beach as we were driving down the coast and stopped and sat on some swings just reflecting on our day and the fun we had and being in each other’s company.
Another memorable Israel moment happened this year on Yom Kippur. We woke up early to do tashlich with friends in Yafo at sunrise, then took a nice walk, and returned to the same point with the same friends at sunset to break the fast.
What was your best Israeli date?
Although I can think of many memorable dates being that we’ve been together for more than a year, I think one of the simplest was the nicest. We went to Yafo together at night and drank wine while talking and looking at the water. Then we went to a bar, just the two of us, and finally went back to his place to sit on his large roof. The next day we bought salads at a local salad bar and sat on the Tel Aviv tayelet and watched the sunset as we ate.

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