Masa Israel Reaches 9,300 Participants

Février 11, 2010

The number of Masa Israel participants has reached 9,300 in 2009-2010, up from 8,200 last year.
Masa Israel North America Director Avi Rubel says the increase is a direct result of the rising number of upcoming and recent college graduates and young professionals pursuing internship, community service and graduate academic opportunities in Israel.
“Today’s constricted economy has prompted many young Jewish professionals at the beginning of their careers to see Israel as a place where they can gain more professional experience before tackling the job market,” says Rubel. “Investing five to 12 months in an internship or volunteer experience in Israel differentiates them from their competition, and provides them with international experience that puts them a step ahead as they re-enter the workforce.”
Since August 2008, Masa Israel has received more than 9,000 inquiries about internship, service and study opportunities in Israel in reaction to its campaign, “Israel. A Better Stimulus Plan."
Adi Clerman, a 26-year-old Masa alumna whose story recently appeared in the Chicago Tribune , signed up for Career Israel after she lost her job as a recruiter at JPMorgan Chase in 2008. She interned for five months an American marketing firm in Tel Aviv, and filled a gap in her resume.
“When people asked me, ‘You got laid off in August 2008, what have you done since then?’ I had a really great answer,” Clerman told the Tribune. Now she’s back in Chicago working as an admissions representative at Harrington College of Design.
Masa Israel’s wide variety of internship, volunteer and study opportunities in Israel offer placement in leading international companies as well as in government and non-profit organizations. Graduate academic programs at Israeli universities offer North American students advanced degrees with professors who previously taught at Columbia’s Business School, NYU’s Stern School of Business, Duke University, the University of Chicago and other prestigious institutions.