Jewish Daily Forward: Hookah And Shakshuka

Juin 13, 2012

By Laura Rumpf
If you closed your eyes, you could easily imagine the scent of rich tomato and onion wafting from Jennah Craig’s East Bay apartment...
...and the joyful colliding of conversations ricocheting down the hallway coming from an airy apartment complex in downtown bustling Tel Aviv. 
That was exactly the feeling this gathering was going for. A group of ten young adults who’ve all settled in the Bay after years living in Israel, we rolled up our sleeves to create a Middle Eastern-style feast of Shakshuka (see recipe below) and homemade pita, and toasted to some of our most memorable meals cooked in the Holy Land.
Danna Rubin, Northwest Regional Director for Masa Israel Journey, spearheaded the edible effort after hearing from a number of Masa Israel program alums that the thing they missed most from their time spent in Israel was spent making a mess on the stove, in good, raucous, company. “A big part of living in Israel is gathering together and cooking meals together; something less prevalent in American culture,” says Rubin.
As the Shakshuka (a deliciously simple dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, onions and as many additional ingredients as you can dream up), bubbled and simmered on the stove (after we’d finally agreed to stop futzing with the recipe), some in the group opened up about their favorite Israeli feasts.