Atlanta Jewish Times: As Real As It Gets

Juin 7, 2012

By Leah Boresow

Since age three, dance has been my greatest passion. As a dance major at Indiana University, I’ve happily devoted most of my energy to dance.
Dance student Leah Boresow on the steps of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Amphitheater. PHOTO/Melissa Strain
When I had the experience of a lifetime during my first trip to Israel in 2009, I was intent on finding a way to merge my love for dance with my new interest in Israel.
Then I learned about Masa Israel’s DanceJerusalem – a study abroad program which would allow me to earn credit and develop my skills at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance – and I knew it was a match made in heaven.
As a student in the Academy’s dance department, I took all of my dance classes in Hebrew alongside Israeli students who soon became my friends. Coupled by weekly Hebrew classes, my immersion was complete, and I completed three Hebrew levels by the end of the year.
My commute to school also opened the door to having a very real Israel experience; because the Academy was 50 minutes from where I lived, I took public buses everywhere. In the crowded buses, I learned an incredible amount about the people and the culture, and this was especially true in moments of uncertainty, such as the bus bombing in the spring of 2011.