How Career Israel impacted my career--going to Medical School

By Livnat Blum, Career Israel
I graduated from college wanting to experience something different, to have a little adventure and give back to a needing community. I applied to the Peace Corps, but I realized that I could do all of that as well experience Israel through a Masa program: the Career Israel internship program.
Livnat and Negin in the Negev!
I chose to participate in Career Israel because of the flexibility it offered – I could use their help when I needed it (housing, internships, etc), but be on my own when I wanted.
Although I was born inIsrael, experiencing the country with other Jews my own age from around the world was incredible. Many of the fellow participants are now my closest friends. I can honestly say that I took advantage of every moment and really integrated into Israeli life.
Save a Child’s Heart (SACH), my internship placement, was an amazing place to learn about the nonprofit world as well get the chance to interact with the children receiving life saving surgeries. When I came on Career Israel I planned to pursue an MA in Public Health.  
Ultimately, during this internship I realized that I wanted to be more directly involved in healthcare and re-inspired me to pursue a career as a clinician.  
Being truly touched by the mission of the organization, I continued to be involved once I returned back to the US. Along with another past volunteer, I started a Boston SACH chapter to help spread the mission of the organization.

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