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What types of programs does Masa Israel offer?


Through Masa Israel, you can take a gap year after high school, study abroad during college, or pursue graduate study, volunteer opportunities or professional internships in nearly any field. There are truly options for everyone. To find the program that’s right for you, check out our Program Matchmaker.
Who can I speak to about choosing a long-term Israel program?
Masa Israel staff members are available to help you or connect you to alumni who can provide you with information about programs. Please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to work with you.
Trip Logistics
Am I accepted? When should I depart for Israel? When can my relatives visit? Where will I be staying? Can I extend my stay in Israel?
ALL of these questions, and more, should be directed to the organizer of the program for which you have signed up. Masa Israel Journey is the umbrella organization that provides the funding for and support for long-term programs in Israel, but the actual trips are operated by a wide variety of educational organizations.