Top Ten Ways to Travel in this Country

10) With your eyes open.  
Especially at first, be aware of what’s going on.  Drivers are crazy and people tend to walk right into you without saying sorry.
9) Buy a map.  
It’s good to have an idea of where you’re going, especially if you’re going to take a taxi.  They are known to drive in circles for extended periods of time when the meter is running.
8) When you’re waiting for a bus, forget everything you’ve ever learned regarding manners and being nice to old people.  
Push and get yourself on that bus before all seats and standing room are gone.  (Yes, people stand in the buses, even the intra-city ones)
7) Respect the traffic lights when walking.  
You can get fined here for j-walking (no joke).
6) Learn a few key words in Hebrew
Like Tachanah Merkazit (central bus station), Tachanah Rakevet (train station), yamina (right), smola (left), yashar (straight) and the name and number of your street.  Israelis can’t read minds.
5) If you are lost don’t be afraid to ask for directions.  
Israelis really are nice and most will automatically answer you in English.
4) Don’t take the train between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
Unless you really like looking at Israeli topography for unnecessary long periods of time through a window.
3) Take a Sherut (shared taxi) within Tel Aviv or between cities.  
They are more frequent than buses at usually the same cost.  They also run on Shabbat for a slightly higher fee.
2) Make friends with people who have cars.
1) Be aware of the people around you.  
If you feel uneasy remove yourself from the situation and never hesitate to point-out something suspicious to a security guard or policeman.

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