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A Poetic Reflection

Posted Mayo 21st, 2007


By Alena Klimenko, Kesem al Yam Kinneret
When you're in the sky you feel like all the world is yours. "All the world," it sounds so magnificent. But what is the deeper meaning to this statement? Can the entire world become your home?
It is a special moment when you finally decide what your idea of home is for you. Your home feels like a castle where you are safe from the rest of the world. When defining home you must ask yourself, '"is home your birthplace or something more spiritual?"
Home - where you always smile.
Home - where you can come to your corner and cry.
Home – Your place.
For me, the feeling of a warm home and a spiritual home is not one in the same. I realized that I wasn't satisfied with what I had until I went on a trip to Israel.
With unexplained logic Israel gives you feeling of peace. I didn't just call it the Holy Land, for me the ground brought a feeling of home as though it gave off its own source of energy.
My first trip to Israel was with Birthright and by then this feeling of home had already started. 
I once heard a saying that, "if you visit Jerusalem once you are going to visit twice more for sure."
The saying was true for me and I came back to Israel through Masa. Through my program I studied for 5 months and got to really experience Israel as someone who lived here.
As the saying stated, you are bound to visit Jerusalem twice- as I write this Jerusalem calls me. I am on my way back to Israel right now and in search of my home.
Alona, (pictured above) 22, from the Ukraine, just finished her Masa program, "Kesem al Yam Kinneret."


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