Dana Bornstein

Hometown: Stoughton, Massachusetts
High School: Stoughton High School
Program: Nativ
Why did you decide to take a gap year? 
I’ve been very active at my synagogue and in USY for years and there is always talk of these “gap year programs” and I’ve always wanted to go on one.  Once senior year rolled around and I really started looking into schools, I kept the gap year in my head but I honestly didn’t think I would actually go because I was always too focused on college.  I tossed back and forth with doing a program for months.  I didn’t even make my decision until this past March.  I just thought that a gap year only means a gap year so I should take the opportunity while it’s still at hand, and I’m really not going to miss out on much if I go to college in Fall 2011 as opposed to Fall 2010.
Why did you choose Nativ?
Nativ is a United Synagogue of Consevative Judaism program and and I’m pretty active in the movement.  I’ve already been to Israel with USY so I know how well the programs are run and I know that what I’m told I’ll be able to do I will be able to do.  Also, I will get the opportunity to study at Hebrew University for a semester and the credits will transfer completely to my college without having to reapply as a transfer student.
What are your goals for this year?
I want to be able to do everything I possibly can to get the most out of living in Israel.  I want to live more like a citizen not a tourist.  And of course doing well at Hebrew U is important because the credits will be a great thing to enter college with!
What are you most looking forward to this year?
I’m definitely looking forward to just living in Israel and being fully immersed into the everyday lives of the people living there
How do you plan on celebrating the Chagim (high holidays) in Israel?
From what I’ve read in the program book, the Nativ 30 group spends the Chagim together.  But as far as what we’re actually doing and where we’ll be going, I don’t yet.
Where will you go to school after your gap year?
I’m going to the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, but who knows, maybe I’ll end up loving Hebrew U!