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Masa-GLI Leadership Accelerator FAQs

  • Who can take part in the Masa-GLI Global Leadership Accelerator?

The Accelerator is open to all current and recent Masa participants who are aged 21 to 30.


  • What languages does the training take place in?

The Accelerator’s main language is English. We also have activities available in Russian and – depending on demand – in French and Spanish. At the big events (Summit, Retreat) where there are whole-group activities simultaneous translation will be provided. There will be several opportunities during the Accelerator process for people from all backgrounds and all languages to spend time together, and learn together and from one another, both facilitated and not.


  • What kind of Masa participant is the Masa-GLI Leadership Accelerator looking for?

The Accelerator experience is for people who are curious, open-minded, hard-working and committed to their personal development and that of their peers. There is no one set type of participant who is suited to our leadership training. For us, leadership is a behavior not a position. Therefore, you may well be somebody who doesn't conventionally consider themselves a 'leader'.


  • Does the Accelerator follow a particular leadership model or approach?

The Accelerator teaches global leadership. This means leadership that nourishes and is nourished by diversity – diverse voices and diverse approaches to complex problems. Our work stems from and is heavily informed by the Harvard Kennedy School model of Adaptive Leadership.


  • What different training components can I expect in the Accelerator?

Your global leadership training with us will consist of intensive group leadership training work, expert lectures from leadership figures from a range of fields, opportunities to present your own leadership work, exposure visits in Israeli society that will bring you face-to-face with change-makers operating in the Israeli ecosystem, as well as more informal networking opportunities.


  • What can I hope to gain from participating in the Accelerator?

1) An introduction to approaches for leading change on local and global issues;

2) Increased capacity to build and sustain effective relationships;

3) Enhanced skill in harnessing diversity as a strength;

4) Connections with a global group of other people engaged in similar leadership work.


  • Am I expected to participate in every aspect of the Accelerator?

The semester-long Accelerator process is designed as exactly that: a process. We have designed a specialist journey to meet your leadership development needs and you will gain the most from it the more of it you engage in. We expect Accelerator delegates to participate at minimum in the Launch Event and a Leadership Track. The Global Leadership Summit, the Leadership Change Retreat, and the Poland Program are available to all people who have been part of a Track, depending on numbers and your Track participation.


  • Will any food provided be kosher?

All food provided at Masa events is kosher.


  • How much does the Accelerator cost?

The Accelerator is free to participants thanks to generous funding provided by the Wilf Family Foundation and the Genesis Philanthropy Group. The Poland Program – a non-compulsory element of the Accelerator – has a participation fee of $650.00.


  • How can I find out more?

Please feel free to contact Masa Leadership Director Ben Baginsky at


  • How can I apply?