Masa-GLI Leadership Accelerator


Innovation. Agility. Purpose.


Masa-GLI Global Leadership Summit: March 2016



A high-powered leadership training program that equips Masa participants for leadership in a complex world.


13 to 17 November 2016

(Global Leadership Summit)


A semester-long experience that runs alongside Masa programs. It features our flagship Global Leadership Summit, specialist Fellowships, boutique Leadership Retreat, and week-long leadership excursion in Europe. Focused around the Harvard Kennedy School-developed Adaptive Leadership model, the Accelerator is a leading program in its field and a top-level opportunity for all post-college Masa participants.





The core components of the program are fully-subsidized due to the generous endowments of the Wilf Family Foundation and the Genesis Philanthropy Group.



Ben Baginsky
Masa-GLI Leadership Accelerator Director / 02 621 6004