Shaarey Israel - Oley Netiv

Program Description

The First Key is for those interested in personal development ,the unique Jewish way of life, future careers, and modern Israel.

1.1. Preparatory work for entry into Israeli universities and colleges: lessons in Hebrew, English, Mathematics, etc., preparation for psychometric tests.
1.2. Trainee jobs in prestigious Israeli companies for those who already have professional education in various fields of knowledge.
1.3. Professional courses: computer sciences, graphics and design, photography, marketing, coaching, business training, eloquence, NLP and more.
1.4. Acquaintance with Torah sources and study of Torah.
The Second Key is for those who are acquainted with the basics of Jewish tradition and who want to study further.
2.1. Studying Torah and Talmud under the supervision of experienced teachers, analytical analysis of Torah texts and comments according to classical approaches to the Jewish tradition. Learning the Jewish ethics, philosophy and world view (for bachurim and avrechim)
2.2. Advanced studies of Hebrew and Aramaic (both individually and in groups).
2.3. Professional courses in classical Jewish jobs: sofer, shochet, mashgiach kashrut, cantor, shaliach tzibbur, baal koreh, tefillin maker, ruling elder and more.

The Third Key is for those who want to build up their OWN learning program on the basis of the above mentioned.
All students of the Mahaney ha-Torah Talmudic Academy will enjoy interesting lessons, swimming pool, gym, weekends, excursions and entertainments, and acquaintance with various Jewish communities of Israel.

By the end of the program, the organizers provide help and assistance to their graduates in spiritual, personal and professional issues, including the absorption difficulties, finding a job and marriage.

The program is suited for families.


Shaarey Israel - Turey Zahav

Program Description

The First Key: for those who want to understand Torah and Talmud on the advanced level and to penetrate deeply into the world of Jewish tradition. Talmudic texts analysis, hevruta learning (learning in pairs), individual lessons and lectures by distinguished lecturers conducted in atmosphere of a true Jewish Yeshivah. Individual approach and learning program in accordance with students’ requests. 
1.1. The opportunity of learning in a kollel and acquiring a rabbinic status.
1.2. Mastering classical Jewish professions: sofer, shoichet, mashgiach, ruling elder and others upon one’s choice.
1.3. Advanced learning of Hebrew and Aramaic on various levels (individually or in groups).
The Second Key: Preparatory division 
1.1. Acquaintance with the Jewish way of life.
1.2. Professional training courses in one of the selected areas: manager, realtor, philosopher, chef, coach, business trainer.
2.3. Organized trainee jobs in the best Israeli companies for those who have professional experience. 
The Third Key: for those who want to build up one’s OWN combined program on the basis of the above mentioned.
All “Turey Zahav” Yeshivah students will go on interesting tours all over Israel, will attend fascinating lessons, have opportunities to go to the swimming pool and the gym, have entertaining weekends and events, will get to know the life of various Jewish communities very closely, and will enjoy friendly communication with rabbis and lecturers.
By the end of the program, the organizers provide assistance and help the graduates in spiritual, personal and professional issues, including difficulties in absorption, finding a job and marriage. 
The program is suited for married couples. 

Nativ - Hebrew University Track

Program Description

Nativ is a challenging academic year program dedicated to creating and inspiring the Conservative Jewish leaders of tomorrow. Nativ, which means “path” in Hebrew, provides its participants with a unique opportunity to explore new directions on the journey to becoming a Jewish adult. From September to May, Nativ participants are immersed in the rich and diverse society of Israel, exploring the land and enjoying a fulfilling Conservative Jewish lifestyle. The program includes academic university classes, intensive Hebrew classes and innovative leadership training. Nativ enables recent high school graduates to earn college credits for their studies while living in a classroom without walls.

A year of true exploration, Nativ provides the freedom for personal discovery as well as the security of a carefully structured program. This unforgettable experience is created through an intricate balance between academics and volunteer work, learning and teaching, personal challenge and community living. Participants on Nativ return from the year with a stronger attachment to the land of Israel as well as a deeper passion for Judaism, enthusiastic to share with their North American communities what they have learned.


Machon Meir - Womens' French Speaking Program

Program Description


Yeshivat Migdal Hatorah

Program Description


Betar - Moreshet

Program Description

This program is conducted in French.


Neveh Zion - Tiferes Zion

Program Description


Meorot Institute

Program Description

Meorot is one of the most unique and exciting Seminaries to hit the market. Meorot is a full time Seminary designed for students looking for the following:

  • Students who are highly motivated to grow spiritually, but want to be able to grow at their own pace
  • Students who want to learn Torah that is both inspiring and practical for their future
  • Students who want the flexibility to customize their daily schedule
  • Students who would like to make a difference in the world

To accomplish these goals, Meorot trains and empowers you for a leadership role on your university campus and in your community. We’ll even help fund your future endeavors! Meorot’s curriculum will not simply build your Torah knowledge, but will prepare you to use that knowledge to its fullest. Our unique “Career-Track” program will introduce you to the skills and information you need to succeed, both as a professional and as a Jew. To that end, for two afternoons a week, you will have the opportunity to study Torah sources and topics relevant to your field/s of interest, better preparing you to integrate Jewish values and principles into every aspect of your life. Students can select up to two different career tracks, or even mix and match:


  • Medical Track - Includes medical ethics, MDA paramedic training/certification and the opportunity to ride an ambulance
  • Leadership Track - Includes a Kiruv Training Program, public speaking class and a stipend for after Seminary
  • Business Track - Business ethics, business marketing/management courses and a business internship
  • Hasbara Track - Israel advocacy training including workshops, trips and creating pro-Israel videos
  • Computer Track - Internet ethics, graphic design, web/App design and video production
  • Arts Track - Offers options in drama, music, art and dance

Hebrew University - MA in Jewish Studies

Program Description

Offered in conjunction with the Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies.
Who is this program for? 
This program is designed for students who wish to study Jewish culture and sources from an interdisciplinary perspective, whether they are recent college graduates interested in the field of Jewish studies or Ph.D. candidates who wish to enrich their knowledge, research skills and experience by studying at the Hebrew University while living in Jerusalem.  
Students will enjoy a learning experience in small classes with experts in the field as well as be able to use the Hebrew University's academic resources, such as the National Library on the Edmond J. Safra Campus, Givat Ram.  
The program covers Jewish culture and history from its beginnings to Modern times, and is divided into two main periods: from Ancient to early Medieval times and from Medieval to Modern times. Courses are offered in textual studies, history, philosophy, and culture, and include study tours in Jerusalem (see sample of courses below). Language instruction is offered in Modern Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew, Akkadian, Greek, and Literary and Colloquial Arabic. 
Special track: Religious Studies
Students who choose to pursue this option will follow a core curriculum in Jewish Studies but focus a significant portion of their electives in Religious Studies courses.

Hebrew University - MA in Jewish Education

Program Description

The study program focuses on the following general areas:
o Social Sciences, Jewish Identity, and Informal Education
o Philosophy of Jewish Education
o Jewish History and Contemporary Jewry 
o Study programs with Jewish content
o Management and Innovation
There are also three other concentrations of study: 
o Israel Studies 
o Jewish Studies
o Informal Education
Students with a good knowledge of Hebrew may also take graduate-level courses taught in Hebrew through the Melton Centre for Jewish Education, as well as elective graduate courses offered in the faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences.  
In addition to the formal program, students are invited to participate in the wide variety of events and programs offered by the Melton Centre, including seminars, forums, and conferences, as well as personally interacting with members of the Melton faculty. 

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