Midreshet Emunah v'Omanut

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Shvilim - Knowledge Leadership Experience

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AUJS - Aviv


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AUJS Aviv is the ultimate five-month program for those wanting to travel and live in Israel for an extended period of time in true Israeli style. Aviv presents a unique opportunity for young Jewish individuals to explore Israel and become familiar with modern Israeli society. For the first time in 2016, Aviv will also be offering a range of exciting extension options for students wanting to spend longer experiencing life in Israel.

Aviv is organized by AUJS specifically for School leavers looking for an amazing Israel program. AUJS is the Australasian Union of Jewish Students providing a wide variety of social, political, religious, educational and cultural activities on and off university campuses around Australia and New Zealand. AUJS has been sending student groups to Israel for more than 50 years. Apart from youth groups, AUJS is the only Australian-based organiser of student trips. Therefore it is able to use its connections with the local community as well as with leading Israeli organisations to provide an intimate understanding of Israeli life from an Australian perspective. When participants return home, AUJS also organizes activities and support as well as leadership opportunities on Campus.

Camp out and learn survival skills in the desert, volunteer in Tel Aviv and the Arava region, hike from the Mediterranean to the Kinneret, live and work on a Kibbutz and experience the Jewish festivals and memorial days the Israeli way. You haven’t really experienced Purim until you’ve danced in Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda markets!


Desert Week



Israel on Campus Seminar

S’veevah (environment)

Start Up Nation

City Explore

Southern Tiyul


Rinas Bais Yaakov

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Yeshivat Moreshet

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Compuskills - Mesilot

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Jewessence is a semester long retreat where each participant gets to discover her ABCs: Who I AM, Where I BELONG, and how I can CONTRIBUTE to the Jewish people. Uniquely designed as a post beginner learning program, Jewessence caters to women who may not feel ready for a seminary experience, or who may not wish to go to seminary, but are inspired and would like to continue exploring her heritage.
Combining emotional health tools, general knowledge, Hebrew skills, travel and deep Torah study, Jewessence women will leave having a firm foundation in their Judaism. 


Beer Moshe And Miriam

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Binas Bais Yaakov

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Kesher Chaya

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