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IDC - M.A. in Government: Counterterrorism and Homeland Security Studies

Program Description

The M.A. in Counterterrorism and Homeland Security (in collaboration with the International Institute for Counterterrorism) is a cutting-edge graduate program that combines academic study, simulations and workshops to offer special tools for critical thinking in this field. Each course provides concentrated, in-depth exposure to the phenomenon of modern terrorism and its characteristics, modus operandi, scope and dissemination throughout the world.
You will obtain an understanding of the many challenges this phenomenon presents to decision-makers, security establishments, first responders, legal systems and business sector based on the experience Israel has accumulated in the field.

*Please note that receiving a Masa scholarship does not imply automatic acceptance to IDC.  The IDC application is a separate process and acceptance is dependent on meeting academic criteria.  


For more information, contact:

North America
Lenore LaVine
Director of Recruitment & Marketing
(212) 213-5962
Israel & Abroad
David Topel
Admissions Coordinator - Masters Degrees


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