Masa Israel Leadership Summit (Post-College)

Masa Israel Leadership Summit (Post-College)

December 15, 2013 (All day)  -  December 19, 2013 (All day)

  Israel  - 

Masa Israel Journey’s Leadership Summit is an intensive, five day learning and skill-building seminar for exceptional participants of Masa Israel programs from around the world. 

The seminar is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to become a strong and active Jewish leader through learning, leadership training, community service and getting involved in your local community. By offering you dynamic and interactive programming and a support network of peers from around the world, Leadership Summit helps you leverage your deep connection with Israel to prepare you for active involvement in Jewish life when you return home.


December 15-19, 2013


(application due by November 25 – open to participants ages 21 and up)


Lej Leja

Program Description

Meizam is a five-month professional internship program open to college and university graduates from all over Latin America. In addition there is an Entrepreneurship course and visits to firms and organizations.

Hundreds of leading Israeli companies in fields ranging from law, media, economics, and politics to public relations, education, social work, engineering, and more have chosen to work with Meizam, which translates into an amazing variety of opportunities for the participant. A professional internship in Israel is an impressive and prestigious addition to your resume and will enhance your career.


Status 1

Program Description

Status is a five month professional internship program for Russian speakers, similar to the popular Career Israel program for English speakers. Status offers a wide range of internship placements ranging from finance to nonprofit and more.
One of the things that makes this program special is not just thatyou will work at a great company of your choice but also that you are provided with living accommodations in the city of your choice; Haifa, Tel Aviv or Jerusalem which enables you to get the full experience of living and working in Israel. Some internship areas include: Business, Communications/Media, Computer Science, Hi-Tech Entrepreneurship, Science, Finance, Social Action, Social Sciences, Education, Engineering and more!




Program Description

jInternship connects Jewish college students, recent graduates and young professionals with internships hosted by top Israeli companies and Jewish learning programs. jInternship has partnerships with hundreds of companies in Israel, so you're sure to land an exciting international internship in your field. The program runs in cooperation with premier peer-based Jewish trips to Israel, meaning you'll have a blast while learning tons about Israel and Judaism.  
jInternship offers numerous sessions so you're sure to find one that fits your schedule. And the heavily subsidized prices and additional scholarships opportunities mean it will fit your budget.

For more information, contact:

Jeff Suowitz, USA Jitnernship Coordinator
(p) 248 914 1138


Arava Institute Internship

Program Description

The Arava Internship program offers students or graduates the opportunity to work alongside environmental professionals in an academic setting. The Arava institute allow interns from around the world the opportunity to live and study with Israelis, Palestinians, Jordanians and others. By living, learning and exploring together, students form friendships and develop skills that will enable them to lead the region in solving environmental challenges facing the Middle East and beyond through partnership and mutual understanding.
At the Arava Institute, interns gain theoretical and practical experience in the field of research, policy, academics, or development, all within the environmental field. In addition to their designated responsibilities, interns participate in the students' Hebrew language program, the Peace Building and Environmental leadership Seminar, and serve as a teaching assistant for one of the Arava Institute courses. Interns also take part in orientation, field trips and campus life activities.
- Expose interns to a broad range of environmental issues, and develop practical professional skills from a multi-disciplinary perspective;
- Enables interns to pursue individualized research in a wide range of environmental areas;
- Involves interns in furthering the understanding and cooperation between future environmental professionals and leaders in the Middle East and around the world;
- Assists graduates in developing public interest careers to improve the environment in Israel and the Middle East;
- Involves interns in applied trans-boundary research to improve environmental policy, increase environmental cooperation and expand biodiversity in the region;


Examples of past research internships have included:
- Eight week internship with the Director of the Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation: setting up and monitoring meteorological stations in the Arava Valley; assisting in new project development.
- Ten week internship with Director of the Research Department: assisting in research for socioeconomic baseline report for Red Sea-Dead Sea Water Conveyance Project, co-creating a toolkit report on Rainwater Harvesting Practices in arid regions
- Four month internship with Director of Research Department: editing new book on water scarcity and coordinating course for Jordanian researchers on regional cooperation and efficient water management.

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IDC - MBA in Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship (IEGMBA)

Program Description

Want to earn an M.B.A. while gaining practical experience and establishing your own commercial or social venture? The M.B.A. in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at IDC Herzliya is designed for students from Israel and abroad who wish to acquire the necessary skills to start their own venture in the global market.
The program provides state-of-the-art innovation and entrepreneurship studies together with theoretical and practical tools needed to conduct business in the global arena. The curriculum addresses entrepreneurship in all its aspects and builds on Israel’s status as a center of high-tech entrepreneurship. The program also works with the New Media lab on campus to create new technology that will be brought to the market.

*Please note that receiving a Masa scholarship does not imply automatic acceptance to IDC.  The IDC application is a separate process and acceptance is dependent on meeting academic criteria.  


The total duration for IDC - MBA in Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship (IEGMBA) is 18 months.


Masa grants and scholarships are given for the first 10 months, according to the dates mentioned below.  


For more information, contact:

North America
Natalie Golan
Head of North American Recruitment
(212) 213-5962
Israel & Abroad
Jasmin Saydof
Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator

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