Program Description

Israel Tech Challenge is a joint venture between Israel's National Cyber Bureau, the Jewish Agency for Israel, Masa Israel, private and corporate donors. We locate the Jewish world's brightest Tech students & young professionals and invite them to Israel to learn, intern and work in the Hi-Tech industry.
Israel Tech Challenge is an expert-driven Israeli experience connecting Jewish students and young professionals with tools and networks meant to enrich or launch their careers in the computer science industry.
The project gives students the ability to learn from leading Israeli industry players and academics, combining inspiration and networking with actual hands-on coding experience.
The Tech Challenge CTO Coding Bootcamp is a one-of-a-kind 5 months intensive training in Coding, Tech and Entrepreneurship, designed for junior graduates, aged 21-30 with little or no experience in programming.
CTO Bootcamp is a unique mash-up of a Bootcamp and an Accelerator. This program will help you turn your innovative ideas and dreams into technological start ups.
During 5 months of intense coding and management training, you will sharpen your skills in coding, project management and leadership. You will get mentorship from top Israeli tech experts.
Participants with no coding experience will become junior developers with hands-on skills in a range of cutting edge web technologies.
After graduating from the program, you will feel ready to go out into the market with the skills, the connections, the know-how and the inspiration to take a giant leap in your career.
The program also offers:
- Educational & Social activities
- Career counseling & Placement services
- Hebrew Ulpan
- Tours in Israel
- Tel Aviv nightlife



Learn how to code, manage a development team and develop a new product with your team in 5 months.

CTO Coding Bootcamp is designed both for:

Technology Enthusiasts: You'll be ready to join a team as a Junior Developer or a Junior Product Manager.

Young Entrepreneurs: Starting your company and Managing a team of software developers will be easier than ever.

This Bootcamp offers an intensive schedule:

10 Hours per Day

500 Hours of Training

300 Hours of Working on a Project

65 Hours of Hebrew Learning


Program Highlights:

- Web Technologies- HTML, CSS and JavaScript

- Software Development with Python and Java

- Product and Project management

- Working with Databases (MongoDB and MySQL)

- Development Methodologies

- Entrepreneurship workshops


Tlalim - High Tech Enterprise Internship

Program Description

The High Tech Enterprise Internship program will provide you with an excellent springboard to a successful future career in one of the world’s leading high tech international company. You will receive full time guidance by a professional career counselor. This is a five-day weekly internship program in which participants will work as interns during the week and have one day off for engaging in enriching group activities, seminars, volunteering, celebrating Jewish festivals, going sightseeing and exploring Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps.


• A career in one of the world’s leading high tech international companies
• Full time guidance by a professional career counselor
• Experience of a lifetime while enhancing your skills
• Housing in the fantastic nightlife and vibrant culture of Tel Aviv
• Placement with Israelis peers
• Create connections and build yourself a professional network
• Educational seminars- Fulfill Masa's requirements
• Ulpan availability

Tlalim - Raanana City Hall Internship

Program Description

In conjunction with the local municipality, Masa Tlalim has developed a 5 month internship program in which participants will be given a wonderful opportunity of working in one of 16 key positions, all based in Ra'anana's City Hall. Ra'anana is a vibrant and popular city, located in the central district of Israel, 20 minutes outside of Tel Aviv. Many of the world’s leading hi-tech companies are based in Ra'anana, including Microsoft, Amdocs, HP and Waze. 
We are offering a variety of interesting and challenging jobs in different field of expertise and interest, including: marketing management, spokesmanship, computer programming, social welfare, entrepreneurship, sports coaching, and more.


• 25-30 hrs of work per week
• Educational seminars- Fulfill Masa's requirements
• Ulpan availability
• Dorm style living- Tel Aviv: 1-2 people in a room with bathroom and kitchenette. 
• Housing in Raanana
• Placement with Israelis peers

Tlalim - Career Elevation

Program Description

Become a PRODUCT MANAGER; understand your target users, come up with a great idea and turn it into a great product. This 12 week course will give you the proper tools to successfully manage the lifecycle of products in all its phases, including: planning, forecasting, or marketing. 
An ENTREPRENEUR develops a business model and carries full responsibility for the success or failure of the business. This hands-on course will accompany you throughout the journey of launching your own start up, from the point of developing your business idea, acquiring the required resources and finding a successful entry and steadiness in the ecosystem of entrepreneurship. 
Become a DIGITAL MARKETER - grow your business online and get the attention of a limitless number of users from all over the world. This 12 week hands-on course will give you the tools you need to get traffic to your website via organic and paid methodologies. 


The product development cycle, Customer Development, Market Research, UX Design, Metrics, Pricing, Product Road Map, Project Management
Familiar with leading start-ups of the Israeli start up industry, online marketing basics, Learn programming for non programmers-how to communicate with developers, Basics of Financing, Legal aspects of entrepreneurship
The basics of online marketing, Lean methodology , The Basics of online marketing Branding for startups, Landing pages, A/B testing, Optimization, SEO crash course, Content marketing, Turning your users into growth , Social organic growth, PPC crash course, Media buying

• 35 hrs (approx.) of work per week
• Educational seminars- Fulfill Masa's requirements
• Ulpan availability
• Dorm style living- Tel Aviv: 1-2 people in a room with a bathroom and kitchenette.
• Housing in the heart of Tel Aviv
• Placement with Israelis peers


IDC - Coding Bootcamp

Program Description

The IDC Coding Bootcamp is a 5-month unique coding program that combines intensive computer programming studies with practical hands-on experience interning with Israeli companies. In addition, students are exposed to Israel’s innovation ecosystem – they attend lectures, meet industry leaders and entrepreneurs and engage with fellow Israelis. 
We help individuals with no coding experience to become junior developers with advanced knowledge in a range of cutting edge technologies.
Program structure:
• 12-week Intensive Coding Training – Students take part in a full time coding bootcamp and graduate with the skills to be excellent junior full-stack developers. 
• 8-week Coding Internship - Students learn how to work as a developer in a tech/startup environment. Students also attend weekly study meeting with program instructors to discuss and troubleshoot challenges that come up during the work week.
• Job Placement - Following the program, our staff will help participants wishing to start a new life in Israel with their first steps in finding a job. Excelling students will be offered paid employment through our hiring partners.


The Bootcamp
In our 12 week coding bootcamp we teach students basic and advanced concepts in computer programming, while practicing the use of current technologies right from the get go.
We strongly believe that exercise and practice are the building blocks to acquire and perfect programming skills. That’s why you will spend most of your time coding – whether working on daily exercises or on larger group projects.
The Internship
After the 12-week coding bootcamp, students begin an 8-week internship. Our staff matches program participants with local tech companies, emphasizing the best fit for participants’ needs and interests. This unique program feature provides a gateway to employment in Israel, as well as a great addition to your resume – if you prefer to go back and work in your home country. 
After 5 months…
If you are successful in the training and internship, you can proceed to a career as a developer- either back in your country of origin or in Israel. For those interested in making Aliyah, our staff can assist in finding a permanent job and blending into the Israeli society and tech ecosystem.
Hebrew Learning
The first two weeks of the program are dedicated to intense Hebrew learning. Understanding the local language can significantly enhance your experience and help you immerse yourself in the local culture.
You will be exposed to different industries and innovation opportunities and have the opportunity to mingle with influencers and meet fellow Israelis.
The Experience
In addition to our coding curriculum, our program includes a variety of cultural and enrichment activities. As part of the IDC international community, we welcome you to participate in trips, holiday celebrations, and joint events with other groups on campus. 
Be prepared to:
• Explore Tel Aviv’s nightlife
• Participate in guided night tours of the city
• Go on beautiful hikes
• Celebrate local and international holidays 
• Relax on the beach or at the park on free evenings and weekends
• And much much more…

Tel Aviv University Study Abroad and Internship Program

Program Description

Are you looking to gain global professional experience while studying abroad? In the current competitive global environment, experiencing different cultures is an investment for your future. Tel Aviv University International invites you to immerse yourself in our excellent academic program while you intern in Tel Aviv all while experiencing the real Israeli lifestyle!
Students will work with TAU's International office to find the right internship in their field of choice with leading organizations and companies in various fields such as: Business, High-Tech, Communications, Arts, Non-Profit, Education, Environment, and many more.
Year Abroad students will participate in Fall semester studies and get acquainted with their internship during the semester. While on winter break, students will intern full time and continue their internship and academic studies when the spring semester starts.
Spring Semester and Internship program students will get acquainted with their positions while studying during the spring semester and will officially be full time interns for six weeks during the summer.
Fall Semester and Internship program students will begin the program with the summer internship and go on to participate as students in the Fall semester while continuing their work as interns.

IDC - iASE - Intern & Study Entrepreneurship

Program Description

The Intern and Study program: Entrepreneurship (iASE) is a 4 months program that combines intensive entrepreneurship studies, startup work experience, and exposure to the Israeli innovation ecosystem. 
The iASE program is a great fit for students and young professionals who want to:
• Learn about Entrepreneurship. 
• Work on a venture. 
• Gain academic credits. 
• Gain work experience. 
• Have an adventure of a lifetime.


Venture creation studies – during the 4 months of the program, students develop entrepreneurial ventures in teams. Throughout the course students learn methods and thought processes supporting the project creation, including coming up with ideas, evaluating ideas, competitive research, customer discovery, presentation skills, and more. At the end of the program, students will have created a business plan, venture presentation, and more.
Adelson Entrepreneurship school courses - course at the Adelson School (ASE) provide students with the training, expertise, and resources needed to launch the next generation of successful ventures. The courses focus on experiential learning and combine academics with hands-on entrepreneurship.
Hebrew learning:
The first two weeks of the program are dedicated to intense Hebrew learning. Understanding the local language can significantly enhance your experience and help you immerse yourself in the local culture.
As part of the iASE program, participants get to intern at Israeli startup companies for four months. Whether you’re interested in spicing up your resume with work abroad or want to gain insights in to the entrepreneurial environment, the experience is invaluable.
Our staff matches program participants and companies to best fit participants’ interests. Companies are selected from a database of hundreds of startups in Tel Aviv.
Field trips and company visits
To add the final touch of inspiration to the mix of academic learning, venture creation, and work experience, we take participants to visit successful companies and hear talks from industry leaders. Participants are exposed to different industries and innovation opportunities as well as mingle with influencers and meet fellow Israelis.
The Experience
In addition to our core curriculum that revolves around entrepreneurship, our program includes a variety of cultural and enrichment activities. As part of the IDC international community, we take participants on trips, include them in holiday celebrations, and create events in which a connection between program participants and native Israelis is formed. 
As part of the complete experience we: 
• Explore Tel Aviv nightlife
• Participate in guided night tours of the city
• Go on beautiful hikes
• Celebrate local and international holidays together
• Relax on the beach or at the park on free evenings and weekends
• And much more…

PMP Nativ Technion

Program Description

This program is conducted in Russian.


Tel Aviv University International - Semester in Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Business in Israel

Program Description

This program provides real-world experience, entrepreneurial know-hows, and professional guidance. Program integrates Israeli and international business students as they take classes taught in English by Israel’s leading business academics and professionals. As well as the core courses students also take Hebrew Language classes to ensure social comfort and immersion.


The program is operated in partnership with TAU’s Recanati Business School. The world-renowned school prepares students with the methodologies and skill set they need to succeed in today’s business world.
The Program is supported by the StarTau Entrepreneurship Center, TAU’s non-profit organization that educates and mentors aspiring entrepreneurs and connects them to Israeli businesses. By choosing to come study in the middle of the middle east, in a country that is known as the Start-Up Nation, and by living in Tel Aviv, Israel’s financial and technological capital, you will be immersed in a world of innovated executives and trailblazing companies.

Hebrew University - MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Program Description

The International one year MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is designed to train a select group of students with the knowledge and skills for successfully adapting to emerging business trends. This new program, which will be taught in English, is a joint initiative of the Jerusalem School of Business Administration and the Rothberg International School.
The curriculum includes the development of sustainable business models, financial and data analysis, and current trends in management, entrepreneurship and innovation. Students will acquire tools for creating services and products that are suitable for global markets. Throughout the program, they will participate in a professional internship.


Students will benefit from this unique opportunity to study in Israel, a country widely viewed as a hub of innovation, hi-tech firms, and start-ups. In addition, they will gain value beyond the classroom by networking with faculty and exploring the Israeli business hub.

For more information, contact:

(972) 2-588-3482

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