WUJS Israel-Arts Jerusalem


Program Description

Drawing inspiration from the surroundings of the world's most special city, Jerusalem, participants on WUJS Arts Jerusalem are able to combine studies in Hebrew language and Israeli art with their own personal art medium, be it visual art, performing art, writing, music or any other media.
WUJS Arts Jerusalem is designed for artists who want personal art time and opportunities to explore their surroundings as well as the country as a whole. In Jerusalem, artists are surrounded by spirituality, history, and a plethora of interesting people from all over the world. 
Much of the week of participants on WUJS Arts Jerusalem will be devoted to their individual projects.  We feel it is important to give artists time to explore their environment, which includes traveling out of the city to gather inspiration from other parts of the country. One of the benefits of WUJS Arts Jerusalem is that each participant will have a personal mentor with whom s/he can meet twice a month. The aim of the meetings would be to find guidance and inspiration towards the final exhibition and for the art work in general.
WUJS Arts Jerusalem is a wonderful opportunity to enhance your portfolio.



WUJS Israel


Program Description

WUJS Israel believes in providing young Jews from all over the world with a holistic experience that will help them grow personally and professionally, while strengthening their connections to Israel, and carving their own path to Judaism. We see ourselves as the best platform to achieve all that, in a supportive community of peers and with the guidance of professional and caring staff. Every component in WUJS Israel is designed to promote these goals.     
WUJS Israel is a 5 month post college program that offers the ultimate Israel experience for Jewish young adults from around the world. The program is based in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv.  WUJS Israel allows you the opportunity to intern with Israel's leading companies or NGOs, or develop your artistic talent, while studying Hebrew and more. WUJS Israel will also help in your Aliyah process as part of its curriculum. 
Whether you choose Intern Jerusalem or Intern Tel Aviv, we will provide you with tailor-made internship that will enhance your resume and set you apart. Tell us the type of career experience you want and we will place you at a professional internship in your field.
Arts Jerusalem gives participants the time and space to create and build their artistic portfolio and an opportunity to showcase final projects in an exhibition. Participants on Arts Tel Aviv focus on both their internship and their own work throughout the week. Internships are available at institutions and companies in a variety of artistic fields enabling participants to explore the business, educational or developmental aspects of various art media.



WUJS Israel-Intern Tel Aviv


Program Description

Tel Aviv is one of the world's most exciting, cosmopolitan cities, full of restaurants, cafes, bars, museums, galleries, theater and more. WUJS Intern Tel Aviv will give you the chance to live it to the full. By day, step into the thriving working environment. By night, step out and experience the best nightlife of the Middle East. 
WUJS Intern Tel Aviv is a program that gives you the opportunity to combine a professional internship in a field of your choice, with the additional benefits of a regular Ulpan (Hebrew language) Course, weekly field trips, overnight hikes, meetings with Israeli peers and a variety of fun and enriching activities. 
Participants will live in apartments in fashionable South Tel Aviv and intern in almost any area of industry and commerce, public and private sector, art and culture, hi-tech, politics and much more. This is a great opportunity for you to enhance your resume and live like an independent Israeli, all within a warm yet dynamic environment and supported by professional and experienced staff.
WUJS Intern Tel Aviv provides participants with tailor made internships for career advancement and personal satisfaction and we guarantee that you will have your internship placement before you land in Israel.

WUJS Israel-Intern Jerusalem


Program Description

WUJS Intern Jerusalem is a program that gives you the opportunity to combine a professional internship in a field of your choice, with the additional benefits of a regular Ulpan (Hebrew language) course, weekly field trips, overnight hikes, and living in accommodations with Israeli peers who partake in program activities.
Participants will live in apartments close to the trendy area of Emek Refaim and intern in almost any area of industry and commerce, public and private sector, art and culture, hi-tech, politics, medicine and much more. This is a great opportunity for you to enhance your resume and live like an independent Israeli.

Israel Way: Tel Aviv Internship Experience


Program Description

Spend five meaningful and fulfilling months in Israel's most vibrant business hub and expose yourself to an international career development experience. Don't just make coffee and copies! Pursue an internship in whatever field you choose and receive hands-on guidance and practical training while consistently working as a productive member of an Israeli team.
Internship opportunities are available in just about any field including business, finance, high-tech, communications, arts, non-profit and more. Israel Way staff work closely with you to help you make the best of your Israel experience.

For more information, contact:

Canada: 1866-269-6889
International: +972-3-920-3999



Career Israel


Program Description

Career Israel is a five-month professional internship program open to college and university graduates from all over the world, offering you an online database of more than 500 internship opportunities that you can search before applying for the one of your choice!
Hundreds of leading Israeli companies and organizations in fields ranging from law, medicine, media, economics, and politics to public relations, education, social work, engineering, and more have chosen to work with Career Israel -- which translates into an amazing variety of opportunities for the Career Israel participant. A professional internship in Israel is an impressive and prestigious addition to your resume and will enhance your career. A GRE prep course and exam are available on the program as well.
Career Israel offers accommodations in the largest economic centers of Israel: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. For more details on the Career Israel location options, click here.


For more information, contact:

Rachel Skoff
Director of Recruitment and Registration



Israel Way - Career Growth


Program Description

This 5 to 10 month professional internship program enables you--young educated professionals, ages 22-30--to spend a significant period of time in Israel, enriching your work experience and expanding your professional horizons while interning in an Israeli company. In addition to internships, you'll have study courses in Hebrew and English, various workshop and seminars on exciting topics about Israel, cultural events, tours and trips around the country.
The program takes place in Israel's center of business, leisure and fun--Tel-Aviv and its surroundings. Having an internship in this city makes your journey to Israel a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Professional staff accompany participants during the program, assisting and helping on every matter. 
The program provides you with accommodations for 2-3 people (basic furniture, kitchenette, bathroom) in one of the suburbs of Tel-Aviv, a monthly stipend of $200, free monthly ticket for public transportation, and medical insurance. 
The internship can be provided in English.

Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies


Program Description

The Pardes Year/Semester Program offers you the opportunity to delve deeply into Jewish ideas, texts and personal questions - empowering you to make Judaism your own. You'll come away with skills, knowledge and inspiration under your belt, a lifelong community of passionate peers and mentors, and the life-changing experience of living and learning in vibrant, fascinating Jerusalem.


Open to university graduates and attracting a diverse cohort, the Year/Semester Program combines classic Jewish text study with the exploration of ethical, spiritual, philosophical, legal and societal issues facing the Jewish people today. Students leave Pardes with refined critical thinking, improved communication and interpersonal skills, and more nuanced and sensitive perspectives on Judaism, Israel and their own role in the world.


Students participate in seminar-style classes and havruta (partner study), and create a tailored program to reflect their interests.


Click here to meet current and former Pardes students.

Click here to view These Are Moments, a spoken word piece.


Classes include Talmud, Bible, Jewish Philosophy, Gender and Sexuality, and more, including the following Specialty Tracks:

-Social Justice

-Self, Soul & Text

-Judaism & Conflict Resolution

-Ikarim (Essentials)


Pardes also offers training for current and future Jewish experiential educators and classroom teachers, including graduate degree and certificate options: www.pardes.org.il/pcje


For a taste of dynamic community life at Pardes, click here.


In addition to opportunities to explore Israel, Pardes offers international travel opportunities, including organized trips to Germany and Turkey.


For more information, contact:

North America
Jenna King Brill (Pardes '12-'13)
Assistant Director of Recruitment, North America
(212) 447-4333
Israel & International
Erika Dahan
Associate Director of Recruitment, Israel
+972 2 673 5210 (ext 230)


Tikkun Olam in Tel Aviv-Jaffa


Program Description

Volunteer or intern for 5 or 10 months and learn about the issues facing Israeli society, on the only post-college program with Israeli participants in the group. Work with refugees from Darfur and Eritrea, Arab-Jewish coexistence, and much more. Learn Hebrew, travel around Israel and get to know the country and society better than you ever thought possible.
Tikkun Olam's Coexistence Track seeks to build mutual understanding between Jews and Arabs in the diverse communities of Jaffa through volunteer work and education, and by focusing locally on the issues facing Jews and Arabs in Israel today. The Social Action Track will immerse you in the multicultural communities of southern Tel Aviv in which you volunteer and study, offering a first-hand perspective into the struggling neighborhoods of South Tel Aviv.
The new Internship Track will enable you to gain valuable career experience in the non-profit sector, while making a difference for Israel's disadvantaged populations and learning about the complex issues facing Israeli society. 

For more information, contact:

Shana Feld

Director of Admissions






Bais Yaakov Levavi


Program Description

Bais Yaakov Levavi is the realization of our belief that every young woman who dedicates a year to Limud HaTorah and spiritual refinement is entitled to a learning experience of the highest academic standard. Bais Yaakov Levavi offers a program of study that goes beyond the ordinary. Our study sessions and classes are designed to challenge our students intellectually and nurture them spiritually. Textual ability and analytical skills are honed together with constant awareness that Torah is the gateway to Ahava and Yirah and "Talmud Mevi Lidei Ma'aseh." 
We expose our students to the multiplicity of Torah and give them the confidence to navigate a Torah-true path. Consistent with our belief in excellence for all, we have included a skill-strengthening track so that any student with a desire to learn can find her place in our school. Bais Yaakov Levavi sees the composition of the student community as a crucial catalyst for successful spiritual development. While Bais Yaakov Levavi students stem from diverse academic backgrounds, they are unanimous in their total commitment to Torah observance and their aspirations to spiritual growth and fulfillment. The prospective Bais Yaakov Levavi student is someone who is sincerely committed to Mitzvah observance and has a genuine desire to advance in both learning and spirituality.

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