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WUJS Israel-Arts Tel Aviv

Program Description

Tel Aviv is Israel’s cultural capital, so it’s no wonder that WUJS Tel Aviv offers opportunities for artists! Many artists ask themselves how can they combine their artistic passion and talent with a professional career. This is where WUJS Arts Tel Aviv can help. It's the only program combining professional internship, time, space and guidance allowing participants to work on their art. This is a great opportunity to enhance your resume and your portfolio at the same time. 
Artists on WUJS Arts Tel Aviv will intern for 2 days a week in one of the numerous artistic institutions in Tel Aviv, be it an art gallery, a dance group, a museum, an art school or any other internship placement that can contribute to their understanding of the professional opportunities in their artistic field.  Through the internship, the participants are able to experience professional businesses and institutions that operate within or close to their artistic field.  The combination of an internship, an art class and a supportive WUJS staff will provide each artist with a platform to develop their art. Through their internships participants will be able to create connections within their artistic field, meet with other artists, and be part of Tel Aviv's art community. 
WUJS Arts Tel Aviv is directed at artists interested in the creative and inspirational artistic components as well as the business and educational components of the art world.   The internships will be tailor-made to guarantee career advancement and personal satisfaction.

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Israel Teaching Fellows - Ma'ase Olam

Program Description

Israel Teaching Fellows aims to close the achievement gap in Israel’s education system by placing English-speaking college graduates as English teacher’s aides in schools throughout Israel. The program begins with a month of training including Hebrew ulpan and pedagogical training. Following training, participants will live in small groups throughout Israel and will be placed in schools as English teacher’s aides.
Participants will teach for 25 hours per week in their school and will also choose or design a secondary volunteering project in the community in which they live. Successful applicants must have a college degree, have experience in formal or informal education, have previously demonstrated the ability to excel in a cross-cultural environment and be willing to be immerse themselves in Israeli culture.


- Ma'ase Olam-ITF takes place in Rehovot (12 miles south of Tel Aviv), one of the central hubs of scientific and academic research in Israel and home to the famous Weizmann Institute and Faculty of Agriculture.
- With a population of 114,000, Rehovot offers a diverse mixture of students and faculty, new immigrants and disadvantaged communities, making it an ideal site for meaningful social work.
- Ma'ase has a long term professional relationship with the municipality of Rehovot, promising an effective and meaningful experience for Ma'ase Olam-ITF participants.‪‪
Ma'ase Olam-ITF is a challenging and unique program, suitable for those who wish to play an active role in shaping Israel's future generation while undergoing personal inquiry, study and development.
Israel Teaching Fellows is highly subsidized by Masa Israel Journey and the Israeli Ministry of Education, reducing the program fee to $1000, which includes your round-trip flight, health insurance, and a monthly stipend.

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