Tehilas Bais Yaakov

Program Description


Aardvark International


Program Description

Aardvark International combines a dynamic Israel program with travel to EIGHT different countries allowing students to further cultivate their knowledge of the Jewish People’s history in the Diaspora, experience different cultures, and learn about Israel’s place in the international community.  In Israel, the program offers Jewish students the opportunity to “MAKE ISRAEL YOURS,” by providing a tailor-made, modular curriculum, so students can build a customized experience in Israel.  Aardvark offers volunteering and internships, the chance to study and earn university academic credit, an opportunity to explore the hidden gems of Israel through trips and excursions, and independent living in apartments in the center of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  Our experienced staff and high ratio of staff to students allow Aardvark to cater to the different interests of our international student population.

Complementing the Israel experience, Aardvark International participants will travel once a month to a foreign country (France, Spain, Czech Republic, China, Ethiopia, Italy, Germany, and Holland.) This program is perfect for students who love to travel and want to have a unique, global adventure.

In addition, students may customize their experience even further by choosing one of our

Special Interest Add-Ons:

- Israeli Military Track, including Marva basic training in the Israeli Army
- Mind-Body Track (Psychology and Medicine track), including volunteering with Magen David Adom ambulances
- Entrepreneurship Track
- Law and Government Track
- Sea Sports Track
- Social Media and Communication Track
- Nepal Cultural Exchange


- Live in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
- International travel to Europe, Africa and Asia
- Unique internship and volunteering opportunities
- Live with students from all over the world
- Earn university academic credit


Nativ - Hebrew University Track


Program Description

Nativ is a challenging academic year program dedicated to creating and inspiring the Conservative Jewish leaders of tomorrow. Nativ, which means “path” in Hebrew, provides its participants with a unique opportunity to explore new directions on the journey to becoming a Jewish adult. From September to May, Nativ participants are immersed in the rich and diverse society of Israel, exploring the land and enjoying a fulfilling Conservative Jewish lifestyle. The program includes academic university classes, intensive Hebrew classes and innovative leadership training. Nativ enables recent high school graduates to earn college credits for their studies while living in a classroom without walls.

A year of true exploration, Nativ provides the freedom for personal discovery as well as the security of a carefully structured program. This unforgettable experience is created through an intricate balance between academics and volunteer work, learning and teaching, personal challenge and community living. Participants on Nativ return from the year with a stronger attachment to the land of Israel as well as a deeper passion for Judaism, enthusiastic to share with their North American communities what they have learned.


MITF - Bina Merchavim


Program Description

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows Bina is a program designed to close the achievement gap within Israel’s education system, as well as provide equal learning opportunities for both Jewish and Arab youth alike. 


On Masa Israel Teaching Fellows Bina you will spend 25-30 hours a week working as an English teaching assistant in a local elementary or middle school, whose educational systems traditionally lag behind those in better-off areas of Israel. Additionally, you will volunteer 5 hours a week outside the classroom, in an organization of your choosing within the community. Masa Israel Teaching Fellows Bina gives you the opportunity to work with many diverse populations of Israel. 


Through Masa Israel Teaching Fellows Bina you will get to participate in a 60 hour teacher-training course taught by Israel’s Ministry of Education, Ulpan (Hebrew learning) classes to help you learn the language and really immerse yourself into Israeli society, as well as weekly enrichment classes focused on co-existence and social justice.


Israel Teaching Fellows is highly subsidized by Israel’s Ministry of Education and Masa Israel allowing the cost of the program to only be $1,000 including living accommodations, flight-reimbursement, and a monthly stipend. 



Our ITF Cities 
Rahat is the first and largest Bedouin city in Israel. The Arab Bedouin of the Negev are a traditionally nomadic people who have become mostly sedentarized in the last 100 years. Founded in the late '70s, Rahat is populated by more than 33 Bedouin tribes from the Negev desert region. Known as "the city of children" with 60% of its population under the age of 18 Rahat and the surrounding Bedouin villages are going through a period of change and modernization with the new generation asking what it means to be Bedouin in the 21st century. While Rahat is a modern city boasting a Bedouin market, bustling commercial center with restaurants and businesses and many mosques, it still retains a uniquely Bedouin feel. 
Just 15 minutes from Be'er Sheva, the capital of the Negev and 45 minutes by train from Tel Aviv, Rahat is located at the beginning of the Negev Desert with stunning nature and scenery surrounding it. Rahat is a culturally unique city with a warm and inviting community famous for their hospitality. This unique ITF program is partnered with the Bedouin-Jewish organization A New Dawn in the Negev, an organization dedicated to promoting equality, coexistence and peace among all residents of the Negev, as well as elevating educational standards. 
As the largest Arab city in Israel, Nazareth has a deep history dating back thousands of years. Today, it is a vibrant center of Arab-Israeli life as well as a window into the authentic Middle Eastern spirit. As an ITF Fellow in Nazareth,you'll have the opportunity to explore this vibrant city and its rich history, while serving its population of Arab citizens of Israel. 
Migdal Ha’emek 
On the other hand, Migdal Ha’Emek is home to a variety of underserved Jewish populations, including recent immigrants from Ethiopia, the Former Soviet Union, North Africa and South America. The town was founded in the 1950s as a ma'abara–a settlement camp for the Middle Eastern and North African Jewish immigrants who poured into Israel shortly after Independence. As a town whose origins comprise of groups of people looking to build a new life in Israel, Migdal Ha’emek is faced with many societal challenges, which provides ITF fellows with a rewarding opportunity to make a difference. 

Mitzpeh Bagalil


Program Description

Mitzpeh BaGalil is a ten-month, intensive enrichment program designed for high school graduates from North America and Europe, but open to applicants from around the world.

A typical week in the Mitzpeh BaGalil program includes:  Formal study of the Hebrew language, Israeli history, and Torah (in a modern context); group discussion; social activism; exploration and touring; and informal social interactions with the Hannaton Mechina participants and Hannaton kibbutz member families.

Why choose to spend your gap year at Hannaton? 
Our Israeli-style gap year program is a pluralistic experience, open to Jews of all denominations and political leanings

Our program structure has an Israeli flavor to it. How?
Through community building, social action, and a significant amount of self-governance while they’re here, participants actively determine the outcome of their experience.

Asked why they chose Hannaton, most current participants say one of two things: First, they wanted to be in close contact and dialogue with Israelis their own age. Parallel to the gap year program, Hannaton runs a pre-army Mechina. The two programs take place on the same campus; meals are often together, as well as some activities and trips. 
Second, Hannaton’s location and experiential programming offer a unique opportunity to interact with a wide spectrum of residents of the region; not just Jews, but local Bedouins, Druze and Muslims, often inside their homes or institutions Through one-on-one exchanges, program participants become intimately familiar with Israel. Graduates return home with a strong network of Israeli friends, their own opinions about the region, the skills to cogently express them to others.



Program Description

This program is conducted in Spanish, in Portuguese and in Hebrew.


Oranim M. Teach


Program Description

This program is conducted in Russian.


JTS Rabbinal School

Program Description

A new format for our rabbinical and cantorial students in Israel will use a trimester system to provide three discrete types of study:
1) Land and Language Immersion Lab in Merkaz Tzippori, Jerusalem Forest.
2) Beit Midrash learning in the Schocken Institute, our campus in central Jerusalem.
3) University study for our rabbinical students.
Cantorial students will choose between participating in our Kesher Hadash program for Israel education and joining the rabbinical students for Judaica classes at the Schechter Institute. All of our students will participate in a year long experiential program and be assigned to an internship with a Masorti congregation. The first stage will include an intensive Hebrew ulpan (with an optional JTS Jumpstart Israel summer component). Evening Hebrew language courses will continue into the second trimester; the third trimester will involve Hebrew as language of learning and instruction. In this way the students will be immersed in Hebrew culture and Israeli community for the entire year,and will also experience three discrete models of learning to ensure a rich and fulfilling experience in Israel.

IDC Herzliya Information Session in New York

IDC Herzliya Information Session in New York

November 10, 2013 - 12:00

  New York, NY  - 

Come learn more about IDC Herzliya, one of the leading higher-education institutions in Israel!


Israel Engagement Seminar for Australian and South American Gap-Year Participants

Israel Engagement Seminar for Australian and South American Gap-Year Participants

June 17, 2014 (All day)  -  June 19, 2014 (All day)

  Israel  - 

This seminar is organized in conjunction with communities in Australia and South America. 

150 participants will come together to discuss different ways of connecting to Israel in their first year on campus. Participants will meet campus educators throughout the course of the seminar.


June 17 – 19, 2014