Program Description

Nachshon is a gap year program both for Israeli young adults and Jewish high school graduates from the Diaspora that emphasizes social leadership development. The program focuses on study of a wide range of subjects including Judaism, Israeli history, Zionism, environmental studies, current events and more.
Learning at Nachshon is not confined to the classroom: during the year, you will have the opportunity to participate in field trips and excursions throughout Israel, including challenging journeys on foot, an outdoor survival week, themed trips, experiential army activities, and more organized by participants themselves (with guidance from Nachshon staff).
If you are looking to be in a Hebrew speaking environment with your Israeli peers while taking an active role in exploring the country and giving back to your community, Nachshon is the program for you.




Hebrew University - Hebrew & Israeli Culture Year

Program Description

The Rothberg International School of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is pleased to introduce an innovative option designed for recent high school graduates entitled The "Hebrew and Israeli Culture Program." This academic program will enable students on all Hebrew levels to achieve a high degree of fluency in Modern Hebrew through exposure to the language and culture of Israel. In addition to 8–14 weekly hours of Hebrew language instruction, students will take courses in Israeli politics, culture, history and society. 
All courses are accredited and upon completion of the program, students will receive a transcript in order to transfer credits to universities abroad, including Australia, Europe and North America. Students at the Rothberg International School hail from over 60 countries.


Participants also enjoy study trips, guest lectures and tours of Israel. The program is held on the beautiful Mt. Scopus campus of the Hebrew University 15 minutes from downtown Jerusalem.

For more information, contact:


United States:
Tel: 1 800 404 8622 or (212) 607 8520
Tel: 1 (888) HEBREWU or (416) 485-8000
Israel and all other countries:
Rothberg International School
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Boyar Building, Mount Scopus
91905 Jerusalem, Israel
Tel: 972 2 5882610
Fax: 972 2 5882363

Status 1

Program Description

Status is a five month professional internship program for Russian speakers, similar to the popular Career Israel program for English speakers. Status offers a wide range of internship placements ranging from finance to nonprofit and more.
One of the things that makes this program special is not just thatyou will work at a great company of your choice but also that you are provided with living accommodations in the city of your choice; Haifa, Tel Aviv or Jerusalem which enables you to get the full experience of living and working in Israel. Some internship areas include: Business, Communications/Media, Computer Science, Hi-Tech Entrepreneurship, Science, Finance, Social Action, Social Sciences, Education, Engineering and more!



Ma'ase Olam - Israel Service Fellows

Program Description

Israel Service Fellows is a joint 10-month service-learning program for college graduates and Israelis ages 21-30 where you will volunteer with at-risk youth in a variety of informal educational placements for 25-30 hours a week.
The program is operated by the Ma’ase organization, which specializes in volunteer and leadership programs for over 700 young people all over Israel in order to create a movement for social change. For more than a decade, Ma’ase has been running successful volunteer programs and is the recipient of several national awards in the field. The program is also funded by the Rashi Foundation, a leading organization that has been assisting the underprivileged in Israel for over 20 years.
Israel Service Fellows takes place in Akko, a beautiful coastal city in northern Israel and a UNESCO world heritage site. Akko is a mixed city of Arab, Druze and Jewish populations, which would give you the opportunity for meaningful and significant cross cultural learning and exploration.
Possible placements for volunteering include schools, youth centers, and community centers. There, you will be able to create various activities for youth, such as photography classes or music classes. You will also take part in professional training in order to develop your knowledge and skills to become an effective educator and agent for social change in your home community as well. The trainings include understanding the political environment, minorities in Israel, and the development of peripheral cities in Israeli society.


- Joint programing and service work with a group of Israelis your age
- Gain from the expertise of the Ma’ase organization and its professional approach to volunteering and service.
- Benefit from our service-learning model and leadership development component that trains you to become a change-maker in your home community.
Israel Service Fellows is a challenging program, suitable for those who wish to play an active role in shaping Israel's future generation while engaging with one’s own knowledge and understanding of complex social issues in Israel today. We welcome fellows who can bring their own strengths and talents to the program, while answering the genuine needs of the community.
Israel Service Fellows is highly subsidized by Masa Israel Journey and the Rashi Foundation, reducing the program fee to $1,000, which includes fully furnished accommodations, health insurance, and a monthly stipend of 1,300 NIS. You will also be reimbursed for your round-trip flight up to 5,000 NIS.

For more information, contact:

Beverly Aron


Program Description

Live, work, and play in cosmopolitan Tel Aviv or the ancient and holy city of Jerusalem.

That’s the WUJS Experience: five life-changing months, building your resume, exploring the country, learning Hebrew, meeting new friends from around the world, and immersing yourself in Israeli life! Intern at a top Israeli company and gain valuable international business experience, find inspiration for your art amidst a thriving community of artists, or explore the Israeli theatre world through courses given by renowned Israeli theater actors and professionals! We’ll customize your WUJS experience so that it has the maximum impact – for you!

When you aren’t working, you’ll find rich opportunities to travel and explore Israeli society and culture through weekly Tuesday fieldtrips and overnight trips, you'll learn Hebrew (Ulpan) in small classes with highly experienced teachers, hang out with Israeli students and young adults who participate in program trips and activities, and participate in stimulating lectures and seminars on topics pertaining to contemporary issues in Israeli society!  Sounds awesome, right? Do it for your career. Do it for yourself!

Join more than 8,000 alumni and discover WUJS.

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