Midrash Noviembre

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Habonim Dror - Derech LeHadracha

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Ganim- Programme d'auxilaire de puericulture dans les jardins d'efants


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Ganim is a program for young people who have some Hebrew language basics and who have completed twelve years of education. The program gives students the opportunity to earn an Early Childhood Education Assistant certificate from Oranim Academic College of Education, while enabling them to gain high level Hebrew language skills and a deep understanding of Israeli society. Students acquire strong cultural and linguistic knowledge, as well as theoretical and practical skills in early childhood education. They also gain the necessary tools in order to actively contribute to Israeli society, should they choose to remain in Israel.

The program includes:

 550 hours of ulpan (about 23 hours weekly)

 Courses for Early Childhood Education Assistant certificate including: theory and methodology of early childhood education, and knowledge about preschool settings.

 Internships in Israeli preschools (5 hours per week)

 Enrichment programming on the history of the State of Israel and Jewish

Peoplehood including trips, tours, encounters, and classes.

The program takes place at the peaceful and green Oranim campus, in Kiryat Tivon in the Lower Galilee, 20 kilometers from Haifa.


Ganim Program offers a unique combination of theoretical studying and practical teaching. The students benefit from the particular and personnal attention from the dedicated teachers of Oranim Academic College of Education. The very intensive ulpan as well as life on the campus with Israeli students contribute to offer a full immersion in Israeli life.


Shant Hejalutz - Malul Morim

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Tlalim Group Faciltation


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The program is oriented to team leading of Tlalim Company specialist training. It provides the opportunity to get advanced education and practice in the team leading area. Any skill needs to train and continual improvement.
This course is suitable for people with knowledge and/or experience in team leading and offers members to get the new professional level. The program allows to gain a better understanding of this business and to expand professional instrumentation.
The program provides for enhanced education of team processes, team leading techniques, working with conflicts and practice.



Bnos Avigail

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Aardvark Israel - Year


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Aardvark Israel Programs offer Jewish students from around the world the opportunity to “MAKE ISRAEL YOURS,” by providing a tailor-made, modular curriculum, so students can build a customized experience in Israel.  Aardvark offers volunteering and internships, the chance to study and earn university academic credit, an opportunity to explore the hidden gems of Israel through trips and excursions, and independent living in apartments in the center of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  Our experienced staff and high ratio of staff to students allow Aardvark to cater to the different interests of our international student population.

You can customize your experience even further by choosing one of our


Special Interest Add-Ons:

- Israeli Military Track, including Marva basic training in the Israeli Army
- Mind-Body Track (Psychology and Medicine track), including volunteering with Magen David Adom ambulances
- Entrepreneurship Track
- Law and Government Track
- Sea Sports Track
- Social Media and Communication Track
- Nepal Cultural Exchange


- Live in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
- Opportunities for international travel to Europe, Africa and Asia
- Unique internship and volunteering opportunities


Kitov Sachra Seminary

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Nachlas Bais Yaakov

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Tehilas Bais Yaakov

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